Michael Jackson's Kids: Private School Bound?

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Katherine Jackson is reportedly considering sending Michael Jackson's three kids to one of the most elite private schools in Los Angeles, according to sources.

The Jackson matriarch, who has full custody of MJ's children, is talking about enrolling Michael Jr. (Prince), Paris, and Prince (Blanket) in the Buckley School, where Tito Jackson's three kids went, along with other Jackson family members.

Michael Jr., Paris and Prince, now living with Katherine after Michael's death (officially ruled a homicide yesterday) have always been home schooled.

Sources say the family has talked to friends and school reps about enrolling the kids. Katherine used to show up for different events at the school and just loves the place - great education, close to their Encino home, and heavy security.

Michael Jr., Paris and Prince Michael (Blanket) Jackson.

The school isn't that easy to get into, however, and classes start this week - it's unclear if the kids have even applied and whether they would start in time.

One brief note that Katherine may want to consider: Paris Hilton attended the Buckley School as well as ... (gulp) ... Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian.

Maybe they offer a course in sex tapes and unplanned pregnancy?


Mummy, Katherine Jackson, more grease to yr elbow for Michael's three adorable kids. I've seen their pics, the 3 kids are still looking hvery healthy. Thanks for yr guidance on them, but for their school, pls try to enroll them in the same school where they'll be able to be eeeing each other regularly. Thanks. Ngobabe frm Nigeria.


I really love Jackson family they are really great persons....!!!!!


ok ok i know that almost all of us are intrested to see who there dad is but here is one question how come no one gives a krap about them themselves i think that michael and his 3 butiful god given children deserve respect i dont give a frick if you are a hater of michael jackson and his kids but they deserve a littel respect from someone i mean im so god blessed to even have parents . i will sit here and talk to anybody about the respect they deserve and my life long dream was to merat michael jackson but i did not get to all iwant to say is that my hart goes out to them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


how cute they are!!!!!!!!!!lovelots!!!!!!!!!!(/.-)


TMX reported this last week. Your story is word for word without credit to TMZ. Your last comment is just crude and tasteless when children are involved. Rashiada Jones went there and she went to Harvard. Why not mention that?

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