Michael Jackson Toxicology Tests Indicate Lethal Amount of Propofol, Xanax

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Multiple law enforcement sources report that the toxicology reports in the Michael Jackson case shows that the late music star had a lethal amount of the anesthetic Propofol in his system, as expected - and that wasn't the only drug.

The toxicology findings show there was also alprazolam - also known by the brand name Xanax - in Jackson's system. Xanax is used to treat anxiety.

Sources say Propofol is "front and center in terms of why [Jackson] died."

Despite the suspicions surrounding his untimely demise, a third Jackson autopsy will not be performed, according to people connected to the case.

Vintage Michael Jackson

R.I.P. Michael Jackson (1958-2009).

The center of the investigation into Michael's death remains his personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, who police believe gave Jackson Propofol.

DEA agents and police have raided his offices in Houston and Las Vegas in search of evidence. The doctor has been interviewed multiple times.

Law enforcement sources say Jackson received IVs of Propofol regularly, and may have even died in Murray's bed as it was being adminstered.


seni seviyorum(I LOVE YOU)


Michael killed himself. He hired his own assination. Without the drugs he would have just been a regular guy incapable of performing those incredible feats. He was a very wealthy junkie. Call it what it is.


as much as i love michael jackson, he was an addict and he would have gotten drugs some how some way. he was his on unfortunate demise.


I agree with you Pamela S. Just to add another comment. Why are people ONLY blaming Dr. Murray! He just started working for Micheal Jackson. What doctor(s) was giving him this drug before he came on the scene? He used a lot of bogus names. So again, Micheal Jackson is to blame. He has been a druggie for years. His family knew it and should have stepped in the help. What was causing him to need a drug in the first place to go to sleep? This should have been the first priority for a doctor to take a look at. Micheal looked very ill! Even "Stevie Wonder" could SEE that this man was not the picture of good health. I'm sure if a blood test was taken it showed a few hidden things about him. Even that was bogus!!!!!!


One thing we all need to remember...Micheal Jackson was a grown man a very capable of making decisions. I'm sure the doctor's explained to M J what type of drugs they were administering to him and what the side effects would be if not taken properly; however, Proprofol should not have been "prescribed" especially in an at home situation and not under a physician licensed to administer. Dr. Murray was not licensed to administer this drug. Dr. Murray is not the only one at fault. Micheal Jackson is the number one person to blame for his actions. I don't care how much money a person have you cannot continue to do wrong or illegal and expects to get away with the wrongdoing. This drug was used and treated like a "sleeping pill." Tell what supposed right minded doctor tells someone they can control how long to sleep and take it away from you --and then you wake up. Our bodies were designed by God uniquely in such a way that resting should come easily!!!!


We all know that Michael was murdered , he was only insured for so many concerts, had another medical coming up, was not covered for drug use,and probably it was not believed that he could do all the concerts. He was also not the person who employed the Doctor , so work it out. TO LIVE IN THE HEARTS OF THOSE LEFT BEHIND IS NOT TO DIE.Wish I could have known you . I have been playing Will You Be there daily for years and shall go on doing so. Hope all those responsible for taking his life develope a conscience in time and end their days in misery as we are doing now. Greed is a terrible sin.


Conrad was his doctor for 2 weeks - did MJ become a druggie in 2 weeks - HARDLY. He had filled multiple scripts under aliases well before Conrad came on board. TRUTH is MJ was a drug addict and needed drugs to perform. Yeah, doctors are responsible, not just Conrad but all the others too. Money buys anything - even lethal doses. MJ knew what he was doing.


lol do you guys really think its the doctors fault really....Its Michael Jackson who was the addict im sure if that doctor didnt give him the drugs he would get it from another doctor.


Michael had been getting Propofol administered for years, probably by a number of different doctors. Michael, pop star that he was, like Elvis, could pay for and demand that he gets what he wanted. Michael knew he needed to sleep and this was the only way he knew he would get sleep. I do feel bad in some regard for Dr Murray. He has to live every day remembering, reliving the awful moments, minutes, maybe hours of what happened. I am sure that he will be sued and will be tried for Michaels death. Something went wrong with the treatment that night and it's a terrible tragegy. I agree it has to stop - the people who have the money will pay for the drugs they want and someone will provide that to them. It is very sad. I hope some additional controls over drugs comes out of this also and not just Dr Murray going to jail.


i will miss michael when i first found out he died i couldn't believe it my heart just droped. its like i wanted to cry but i just couldn't i was shock but at least his in a better place right now. he helped lots of people and felt like he was another god i miss you my king of pop


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