Michael Jackson Burial Pushed Back to September 3

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Michael Jackson will be formally laid to rest on September 3, instead of August 29 (which would have been on the pop icon's 51st birthday) as originally planned.

According to a statement by the Jacksons, the burial will be at Holly Terrace in The Great Mausoleum at Glendale Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, Calif.

Michael, Prince and Paris Jackson

Only family and close friends will be permitted to enter Forest Lawn. The facility is not public, and is guarded by security to prevent unlawful entry by the public.

Joe Jackson, Michael's father, said the burial would delayed, but the day they wanted it changed to - August 31 - was problematic because of schools re-opening.

The family settled on September 3 instead. No reason for the date being moved from Michael's birthday was given. The superstar's public memorial was July 7.

The investigation into his June 25 death is ongoing. Reports say Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael's personal physician, is likely to face manslaughter charges soon.

An Andy Warhol painting of Michael Jackson (1958-2009).


please send


May you rest in peace Michael Jackson, you were the greatest since Chopin. Eternily peace to You with God.


MJ was, is and will be the King Of Pop 4ever. He broght joy, peace, hope and entertainment more than anyone alive to millions of people worldwide. He´s like Berry Gordy said at The Staples Center Celebration Of MJ´s Life, the greatest artist who had ever stepped on an escenary. I´m greatful of having lived during his time and known his uncomparable genius thru his songs, videos and concerts. God bless you Michael. You were a gift from Him to us and unfortunately some didn´t notice it on time. But we your fans really did. Rest In Peace.....


Footprint may be erase,stories may be forgotten but your memories will lingers for ever in the hearts of many. I pray that God will find mercy in your sight,rest in peace michael....I MISS YOU


happy birthday michael jackson....
r.i.p we love you and we miss you...
foreverrrr the king...


I am a devoted fan have been since l was ten l am absolutely devoted to michael just cannot get enough of him l live in Australia and at the moment l am saving to visit America just so l can visit the places michael was seen at as l hoping by the time l come over l am able to visit Neverland!!!as l just want to be able to say l went there.I am missing you Michael more then l can say!!!! I love you so muchxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox


michael..i'm missing you so much!!!!!!!how i wish,we could meet..soon..;C


I am still grieving over Michael's death. He was such a brilliant
performer, sensitive, kind, loving, an perfectionist. I still can't believe he's gone. He's been through so much and has silently suffered. His music was his escape, that's why he was
such an icon. I'll never forget Michael. He had such a gentle soul, very spiritual. I hope he is at peace now.I watched his video's this morning and just wheeped. There will never be a Michael Jackson, he was one of a kind. I think that Dr Conrad Nurray is a scavenger and was only thinking about the money. He had no money, and when Michael Jackson hired him, that was his perfect opportunity. If he claimed that he was Michael's friend, why would he give him that deadly drug? Why did he leave the room,knowing how dangerous the drug was. I hope they put him under the jail. He should get LIFE! Michael will always be in my heart.God Bless Him..Peace Michael


michael your legacy is for eternity ,sleep on Angel Michael till we meet to part no more.REST IN PEACE


Micheal, you are so loved, you were an angel on earth, I will love you forever, rest in peace, till we meet again.

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