Michael Jackson Autopsy Report: Homicide

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The Los Angeles County Coroner has just ruled the manner of Michael Jackson's death homicide, and the official cause of death "Acute Propofol intoxication."


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    Michael jackson was an addict but he had help from all those so called docters,if they didnt help him get the drugs he would still be alive!


    Michael Jackson was tried for child abuse and found innocent. This does not mean he did not do the crime, but merely that the state failed to put on a strong enough case that would let these jurors find him guilty. It is always harder to convict a famous person than an average citizen. Their fame is like a shield and people don't want the famous person found guilty. This fame shield has often happened in the trials of famous persons. I think this fame shield happened during Michael Jackson's 2005 trial.


    @ Prasanna. Your intentions are applaudable. However, it's a bit too late now. The vindication should have happened when he was alive, not now. No matter what these 'young men' do now, they can rot in hell as far as I'm concerned. As for being young boys who were easily manipulated by their parents, please! They haven't been young boys for a long time, have watched Michael deteriorate in front of their eyes and still haven't come forward. MAY GOD HAVE NO MERCY ON THEM OR THEIR DESPICABLE PARENTS.


    I got to say that I never believed that Michael was guilty of the coming and going child molestation charges.He was so soft hearted that he was taken advantage of by the kids parents.I believe he was innocent,right from day one.


    You spelled singer's wrong in the article, you wrote signers. Please fix your article


    I belive the docter killed Michael. first off he waited to call, he did CPR on the bed. who the hell does CPR on the bed. I also heard instead of helping Michael he went downstairs to get Prince when he should have been helping Michael. and Michael said he loves his fans. if he loved them why would he kill himself???


    Bottom line MJ was a DRUG ADDICT - that is suicide in itself. I agree that the Dr. acted irresponsibly - so do a lot of others - maybe through this celebrities and the Drs. who treat them will learn they aren't invincible. I don't know why this is all so shocking because it's been going on for years if not decades. MJ had some serious problems, he's not a victim.


    I read in another web site that Michael may have been killed as a result of drug over dose prescribed by Dr Murray.Moreover,the doctor may have been following orders from unknown individuals at the top.He(Michael)was doing fine and getting ready for the london performance,there is just no way he could have commited suicide.


    It is clear that Conrad Murray acted irresponsibly and not in his patients best interest. I believe it was accidental but he should be charged and prevented from practicing medicine in the future.

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