Megan Fox Hearts Jewish Men, Vagina Power

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Love Megan Fox, hate Megan Fox or think Megan Fox just says things for attention, everyone must admit:

The ridiculously sexy actress is certainly entertaining.

For example, as the latest Cosmopolitan cover girl, Fox gives the publication an interview in which she provides hope for Jewish men and power to women around the world. Here are a few excerpts:

On monogamy: "I have no problem with commitment–you can’t have a real relationship without it. I can flip on a switch in my brain, and even if the next Brad Pitt is standing next to me, I won’t look at him. but I can also turn that switch off, and then I collect attractive boys."

On her ideal date: “A sexy sandwich with Andy Samberg and Jonah Hill…”

On relationships: "Women hold the power because we have the vaginas. If you’re in a heterosexual relationship and you’re a female, you win."

On the guys she's been naked for: "I never call them guys. I always called them boys. Maybe it’s a superiority complex - my needing to keep them down.”

On playing games with men: “It’s fun when someone intends to put you in his back pocket, but instead, he walks away wounded. I make it a mind game so they don’t know if I’m hitting on them or mocking them. Male actors drop lines about their private jets, trying to seem powerful, but I don’t give a s—. I don’t need someone else’s power. I’m obtaining my own.”

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wow, that's really sad. There's alot of anger and abuse in those statements and comments. Here she is this what appears to be a lovely girl on the surface, and has all this hostility and antiman sentiments underneath. I can't help but wonder if she was abused, or has dad issues because those comments were just not something you hear from a normal healthy person. Whoever you were that f'ed this chick up, shame on you, you really did a number on her. I hope she gets some counseling.


She is a horrible role model for kids! Everything that comes out of her mouth makes me SICK! I can't wait until she fades away...


Ah. young Megan. At least she has lots of time to work things out..Time to meet a man who has some time in with open eyes and
a thinking mouth...


I get it - you are beautiful. However, beauty is a dime a dozen in Hollywood and looks fade. Educate yourself before you open your mouth again. Please.


yeah she is definitely pretty but she's a LOSER. seriously shes pretty on the outside but FUGLY on the inside. I'll stick with Raquel Welch.


Wait until a few of her stupid movies tank and then suddenly no one is paying any attention to her. B*tch*s think they will look good forever. It does not matter whether they are blonde, brunette, or red, most of them can't see beyong their mirror.
This dumb broad will be as missed in the scheme of things as what's-her-name, you know.......


she is nothing but a vagina that will dry up soon. Kick her dumbass to the curb


Will someone please knock this twit off her pedestal already. My god she just gets worse every time she opens her friggin mouth.


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