Megan Fox: Girl-on-Girl Action is Awesome!

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For someone who claims to be into girl-on-girl action, Megan Fox might wanna stop pissing off every warm-blooded female on the planet.

The actress, whose collection of of scantily-clad photos in various magazines doesn't always sit well with other women, told MTV News this week that she had no problem making out with co-star Amanda Seyfried in Jennifer's Body.

Megan Fox Nude Pic

Absolutely no problem at all.

"I feel much safer with girls, so I felt more comfortable kissing her in the movie than kissing any of the other people that I had to kiss," the actress said, causing us to wonder what the heck Brian Austin Green is doing wrong.

Fox added that Seyfried wasn't nearly as into the same-sex smooch.

"I think she was extremely uncomfortable. I don't think that; I know that. She was not comfortable and there was a lot of laughing - like, giggling fits that happened in between takes."

Remember, Megan: Olivia Wilde would be happy to make out with you. Seriously, remember that. Please.


I agree! She is definitely riding on Angelina's coattails. And it's not that she genuinly looks like her, but you can tell that she tries to look like her. Anyone who has to try that hard is not attractive to me at all.


Very unattractive personality.


two words, honestly just two :STUPID BITCH"


Yeah..well I would'nt turn her down or push her away!


How can there be people who doesn't see through her act!? She's so unoriginal it makes me wanna puke, stealing everything and every line Angelina has ever done or said...A question for her: isn't it tiring trying to be someone else...?

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