Mark Lester on Paris Jackson Paternity: It's Possible

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Former child star Mark Lester, a longtime friend of Michael Jackson and the godfather of his children, spoke out on the Today show about rumors that he is actually the biological father of one or more of the late King of Pop's offspring.

Specifically, he thinks he might be the father of Paris Jackson, 11.

These rumors were started by Mark Lester himself, and not without at least some merit - the Oliver! star says he once gave Michael Jackson a sperm donation.

A chiropractor and the father of four daughters of his own in London, Mark Lester, 51, said that years ago Jackson sought his sperm because the pop superstar wanted kids but for whatever reason wasn't  "up to" it physically

Michael Jackson was "shy when it came to women," said Lester, who added that it was extremely difficult for his friend to "perform the sexual act."

Even so, Matt Lauer asked, why did he need Mark Lester's sperm?

"That I don't know," said Lester after a long pause. He said he never asked questions about it or donated the sperm under any sort of conditions.

Mark Lester's story about donating sperm to Michael Jackson is beyond strange. But he seems, by and large, to be honest, candid and harboring no ulterior motive.

Another MJ friend, Dr. Arnold Klein, gave sperm to the singer and is rumored to be the kids' father. Klein says he's not, "to the best of my knowledge."

Lester told Lauer that he stepped forward with the story that he may be the father of Paris Jackson because "the story was going to break in any event" in the UK and he wanted to present the case and for his children to hear it from him.

While Mark Lester's ex-wife has subsequently stepped forward to dispute her former spouse's declarations, Michael's mother and the children's legal guardian, Katherine Jackson, says the claims are not in the best interests of the children.

Lester says he is not claiming paternity and has no agenda for speaking out other than that he wants to maintain a relationship with Michael's children.

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Ah, journalism, I weep for you. Arnold Klein did not say he gave Michael Jackson sperm. (Disgusting thought!) He said he ONCE gave sperm, which many medical students do to make extra money. There seems to be a strain of racism in all these spurious sperm discussions. It's hard to imagine that there would be discussions of the paternity of the children of a famous white entertainer. Mark Lester has an unhealthy obsession with Paris Jackson, who is a real person, a child, a grieving daughter, who has done nothing to deserve this unseemly discussion of her parentage.


How could Mark Lester be the father when Michael himself confessed in a private interview that it was natural conception? Both Michael and Debbie admitted that they made love and that the two children were naturally conceived. Mark Lester's a big fat liar, and only wants publicity. How dare he do that.


Leave the kids alone...They just lost their Father.. He was the only man they know as Dad... even if these people take a DNA test prove their story they are only ruining their own/MJ's childrens life.... let them life and be happy and may god be with them..


for goodness just go on oprah or jerry springer and get the stupid test done.. lets just get it over with Fgs..


And now there are reports that his ex-wife has said it's not possible for him to be the father because he wasn't that close to Michael Jackson. Marky, you are lying out your a-hole, buddy.

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