Madonna Booed in Bucharest

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Never too far from controversy even as an established pop institution at age 51, Madonna was hit with a wave of boos at her concert in Bucharest, Romania.

Why? Because she stopped her concert to raise awareness about discrimination against Roma gypsies across Eastern Europe. The crowd apparently didn't take.

Madonna didn't even bat an eye amid the jeers, demanding "freedom and equal rights for everyone ... Gyspies ... homosexuals .. people who are different."

More power to her. It's all about human rights and being able to live life in peace. If a woman wants to date man, woman or child (Jesus Luz), that's a right!

Check out the video below to hear Madonna's comments and the crowd reaction. She can be heard saying "god dammit" in frustration around the 1:15 mark:


Madona committed a huge mistake by her speach because the gypsies are really terrorizing the population in any place where they are living. I would like to see the following experiment: madona to live for one week having some gypsies as neighbours and I can bet 100% that she will change her thoughts. On the other hand...if she is such a fighter for freedom why is she not lobbying for Romanians to not need a US visa to travel to US. This is a real discrimination made by US since Romania is an EU and NATO country and since the Romanian soldiers are still bleeding in Irak and Afganistan. SHAME ON YOU, madona!


I have not heard Madonna saying anything about human rights in Ireland, where gypsies were beaten and burned alive. Very patronizing behavior on her part. Shows total disrespect for her audience. Audience which paid to be there.
Totally proud of how the people have reacted. Showed some spine.


dear peta, why don't u tru comong and living in romania for one month.. and only then will u be able to speak about us "hateful romanians" . we have many other ethinical minoritiel whom we live peacefully with ( we have turkish people, arabs egyptians morrocans nigerians hungarian jewish german people and many many other nation) we, as a nation are quite fond of foreigners and diversity, just not of gypsies in general because they give us a really hard time living in our own country
wstern europe got a bit of taste of them and they are not accusing us of being hateful anymore... that should be a sign for u


it's shocking and suprising at some of the comments being left here, obviously we are'nt living in the year 2009. i think madonna did a good job at highlighting whats really happening. not just in Romania but in Europe overall, no one can deny that its happening, but no one wants to admit or address whats happening. i'm sure she's not the first celebrity to speak out against dicrimination, and she won't be last. The crowds reaction confirms that she is right,it's a shame that it took an American pop star to finally address whats happening. I say shame on romanians and shame on Europeans, bare in mind only the uncivilized will habour feelings of hatred based on one's race, colour, background, or lifestyle.


Calin thank you for the amazing post. I can't believe Vortex called Eastern Europe primitive. We don't discriminate people for the colour of their skin, it's not something we are brought up with. Our fear is something that is taught because of the countless negative experiencies we have with gypsies. I have been spat on on the street by gypsies, beaten up, had my things stolen, for absolutely no reason. If Madonna reads the news she should do a little bit more reasearch. We have nothing against gypsies as a race, but the way they behave towards us. And some articles say the crowd booed when she mentioned homesexuals. It's not true, we didn't boo at homesexuals, we have albolutely nothing agains that, I just thing it is rude of her to give us life lessons, when all she does is travel in private jets, rents penthouses and has an army of nannies.


Calin, I so appreciate your comment. I could not have said it any better. Madonna should be left alone, with a bunch of gypsies, for as little as three days. And then she should get three days with a bunch of Romanians. Then, perhaps, she would see the evident difference between the two. It's not about racism, it's about cultural differences. Thank you all for letting your voice be heard!


Madonna needs to keep her mouth shut except for what she calls singing. She's in another country where people there could care less about her opinion. Shut up!!


She was booed for hypocrisy, not for defending gypsies.
Gypsies are discriminated all over Europe, not only in Eastern Europe. In fact, in Western Europe they are subject to laws that directly targets them (see Italy), or are their rights to stay and/or work is denied, and are subject to deportations like in ww2, against any EU laws (gypsies are EU citizens). Read about what happened a couple a months ago in Belfast - where was Madonna then? She should keep these speaches for her public at home.


I saw images of the freak show on TV ...personally I don't feel any pleasure to see freaks live (not even doing their playback). It's sad that people give a damn to monkey's opinion. Romania has a very old history and the bond between people belonging to different nationalities (as we called them before globalism reinvented us and started to tell as who we are) were strong, plain and natural. Harmony relays on solving problems locally. But nomadic, migratory, chameleonic people running away from their shameful nothingness, instead of being aware of their own natural weaknesses keep on suppressing us with political correctness tolerance and many other perverse political concepts.


Imagine that being booed for making polittical comments. Does anyone else think a Forign National that is there to perform should do that instead of being a nusiance? The US has freedom of speech but, the Bill of Rights does not extend to Americans in a Forign Country, their country, their laws. Before you jump on a soapbox and become indiginant put it in perspective that she was outside the US making inappropiate comments, no matter what you think or believe it is their country.


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