Madonna Booed in Bucharest

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Never too far from controversy even as an established pop institution at age 51, Madonna was hit with a wave of boos at her concert in Bucharest, Romania.

Why? Because she stopped her concert to raise awareness about discrimination against Roma gypsies across Eastern Europe. The crowd apparently didn't take.

Madonna didn't even bat an eye amid the jeers, demanding "freedom and equal rights for everyone ... Gyspies ... homosexuals .. people who are different."

More power to her. It's all about human rights and being able to live life in peace. If a woman wants to date man, woman or child (Jesus Luz), that's a right!

Check out the video below to hear Madonna's comments and the crowd reaction. She can be heard saying "god dammit" in frustration around the 1:15 mark:


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Oh, dear, I'd so much love to see this Peta girl being pet by a horde of gypsies from my neighbourhood... hahha, goddamn! it'll be my supreme joy, dear ignorant & over-zealous brainwashed political-correct "coqsucceur", which - not accidentaly - is american, i bet. probabily she had some curriculum time to spend here in Romania and she probabily said she knows the real facts. too bad we had to swallow this sh!t from time to time. get real morons, wake the f. up and get yuor heads up from the hollywood dumb injecting movies filled with boemians, fortune tellers & caravans, you fairy asses!


Let's see exactly how conscious she is about human rights when she goes to Israel.


i'm from romania, bucharest more exactly. i hate my country, i hate gypsies. alot


Janine , you stupid goat , u're as ignorant as madonna
go f..k yourselves , bi.ches


I think that she should have only a couple of those she defended at her house! Asa a matter of fact she has those in her crew and look wht they got her into: she got booed... By her fans!!! Ain`t that weird? She should get smart!


ok, know i hate madonna


i am against discrimination, too. -i don't want any more gypsies getting into colleges around my country just because they are gypsies, while romanians have to study to get a good grade (when i entered college, i did it with 7.40. a gypsy got in with 5. i had to pay tax and he didn't. )
-i don't want gypsies who never worked 1 day in their life to get access to health services or get money from the goverment. i work and i pay taxes. my wage is about 1/4 of the wage of a man/woman of my profession in france/germany/italy. and i work almost everyday for gypsies(i'm a doctor).
-i don't want gypsies to live in homes they never owned, and don't pay any rent. why aren't THESE facts considered as discrimination??? discrimination against romanians??? what madonna said that night wasn't madonna. she's watching the news? lol. who the hell believes that???


"Our country , our principles , our thinking.Dont like them?Don't bother coming next time and keep your ass in your American penthouse." WRONG. Human Rights are everyone's business. You don't get to treat human beings like dogs and then hide under cover of it being "your country". You will be exposed by more progressive, passionate and educated people and you will deserve it. Don't like it? Then try living with an open, educated mind and things will change.


Our country , our principles , our thinking.Dont like them?Don't bother coming next time and keep your ass in your American penthouse.


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