Macaulay Culkin: Biological Father of Prince Michael Jackson II (Blanket)?

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After more than two months of never-ending rumors regarding the paternity of Michael Jackson's three children, this latest one might take the cake.

At least for this week. You never know what will be reported next week.

The Sun (UK) is reporting this morning that sources close to Jackson claim that his youngest son, seven-year-old Blanket, is really the offspring of ...

Macaulay Culkin!

The paper claims the late King of Pop asked the child star to donate sperm and that "Mack never let him down... deep down, I think he always wished Mack was his son. Having him create Blanket was the next best thing."

The two celebrities became "best friends" after Culkin shot to fame in the 1990 box office hit Home Alone. Culkin is 29 now, making him 10 at that time.

We know, it's really weird.

Macaulay Culkin Pic

CLOSE TO HOME (ALONE): Is Macaulay Culkin Blanket's dad?

Culkin is godfather to Michael Jackson's two older children, Prince I and Paris Michael Jackson. Blanket's real name is Prince Michael Jackson II.

The actor has reportedly told close friends he will not comment in public regarding these rumors out of loyalty to his late BFF Michael Jackson.

However, "This isn't just chitter-chatter," the Sun's source says, without really elaborating on it. "Even Culkin suspects he's Blanket's father."

The Macaulay Culkin rumors are just the latest to arise regarding the three children, who Michael Jackson may or may not be the real father of.

Other speculation includes:

  • That Dr. Arnold Klein, the boss of Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe, is the biological father of Prince I and Paris, and Rowe their mother
  • That former child star Mark Lester, like Klein a close Jackson friend who gave his sperm to the star, is the father of Paris Jackson
  • That Michael Jackson fathered a love child 25 years ago named Omer Bhatti
  • That Omer's mother, Pia Bhatti, went on to become the mother of Blanket
  • That Jackson had another son named Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson

Who knows who's next. Until then, the Macaulay Culkin speculation trumps all ...

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Macaulay is deff the father of prince michael the 2 and prince mj the 1st and of paris its not that hard to tell prince michael the 1st was and idk if he still is a blond so is paris but balnket is a black head but might still have a chance of being macaulay's kid i hope to god he is boy he meaning MACAULAY is and always will be sexy!


Macaulay is deff the father of prince michael the 2 and prince mj the 1st and of paris its not that hard to ell prince michael the 1st was and idk if he still is a blond so is paris but balnket is a black heaad but might still have a chance of being macaulay's kid i hope to god he is boy he meaning MACAULAYS is and always will be sexy!


Have we arrived at the next big paternity case? I guess this wouldn't be the circus that the Anna Nicole/Howard K. Stern/Larry Birkhead Paternity Triangle was seeing as how Macaulay has his own fully functioning life and doesn't need a resource like a quasi-celebrity child to create revenue. All the same I just hope this story goes away and/or is completely untrue.


stop talking rubbish............three children are DEFINITELY MJ'S please leave that noble soul to rest in peace....dont damage him anymore......pls..... by,
his loyal fan




You guys are CRAZY! leave MJs children alone! MJ is ntheir father and he is gone.. so have a heart!


You guys are carzy! leave the children of mj alone if you have a heart!


Seriously, all tabloids need to stop printing junk and for once in their lives decide to do the right thing. STOP printing garbage! Blanket is NOT Culkin's child. He is DEFINITELY MJ's! If I was Culkin I wouldn't address the nonsense that the media continues to cook up in regards to MJ. Every week it's a different story, with a different person claiming to be the parent of one or all of MJ's children. STOP lying! Blanket is MJ's biologically. And so are the other two, whether by DNA or not. He WAS their DADDY!


What a bunch of B.S.
Blanket is definitely Michael's biological child even if no one else is. Michael may or may not be the biological father of Prince and Paris. At the end of the day, it shouldn't matter. MJ raised those kids and did a damn good job of it. He was their father. Period. All of the paternity nonsense needs to stop.


This is getting ridiculous....Think before making a post for Gods sake....