Kristen Stewart Hair Update: Back to Bella!

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Forget her romance with Robert Pattinson for a moment.

There's a another issue facing Kristen Stewart as she prepares to film Eclipse in Vancouver:

What the heck will she do with her short, dyed hair, which she sported for her role as Joan Jett in The Runaways over the last two months?!?

"To get that pigment out is going to be very difficult," admitted the Twilight Saga cast's colorist, Stuart Gavert, to Life & Style.

So, what's a stylist to do?

"I'd bleach her hair to remove the color, then condition it and match it to the weave she wears in the film."

Dyed and Delightful
Vampire Bella Swan

Which look is better on Kristen Stewart?


She looks like she on drugs with short hair... but she is pretty with long hair.... that short stuff isnt cutting it sorry to defiend someone or somebody


I love the Eclipse pic!


the Bella Swan look back! :) finally..... cannot wait.. :)


i agree with the vote i definatly prefer kristen with longer hair, but she is pretty any way, so she looks good either way.
it will be good to see the "BELLA" look again really missed it. Team edward xxx
97 days until new moon
love the new trailer, didnt wont to see bandslam so watched it online!!
lol xxx



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