Kevin Federline to Endorse Weight Loss Product

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Celebrity gossip readers know that Kevin Federline has gotten absurdly fat lately. Now he is going to be paid money to endorse a product whose manufacturer wants to help him lose that extra "daddy weight." What a great country this is.

According to a source, the former Mr. Britney Spears has been offered a deal - reportedly worth seven figures - to endorse a new weight loss product.

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Kevin Federline is reportedly considering an endorsement deal with a company called EP-2 (Extreme Physical Performance). The source said the former dancer has been offered $2.5 million to become the new face of the fat-burning tool.

The weight loss product will be marketed in 1,400 GNC stores.

TUBBY: For $2.5 million, even K-Fed would consider a diet. [Photo: Fame]

While a rep for the FedEx man has yet to comment, a spokesperson for EP-2 said: “Yes, we’re trying to do a deal with him, but nothing has been confirmed yet.”

This follows a rumor that celebrity trainer Chris Cormier had put K-Fed on a strict high-protein diet last week so that he could shed 45 pounds for his new show.

That's right, Federline and girlfriend Victoria Prince are coming to VH1. Apparently there is a market to watch their lives. It must be a really slow TV decade.


Yep..he sure has gained some weight. But honestly, I just wish that he would not fall into the "fad diet" scheme just for money! Fad diets have certainly "helped" people with weight issues, but it only seems to help for awhile while that person is on it...and then when they go off of comes right back! How awful- this yo-yo affect. I personally have chosen to reevaluate my food choices as it can have lasting changes in body mass and nutrition. I also take the Vidazorb OPC probiotic as I have read about all the ways probiotics can benefit our bodies (weight, digestion, skin etc). I think it is important for all of us to try to live healthier rather than finding "quick fixes". I wish Mr. Federline would choose this route for overall wellness!


Here we go - Kevin blows himself up like the Goodyear blimp from being a piggy and now will make a bundle off of "supposedly" losing it from xyz weighloss program.

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