Kellan Lutz and AnnaLynne McCord: It's Over!

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It's seeming more and more likely that Robert Pattinson is taken, as the young hunk is happily dating Kristen Stewart.

But a fellow Twilight Saga star is now available, as E! News confirms that Kellan Lutz and AnnaLynne McCord have broken up!

Simply put, "he wasn't a good boyfriend," an insider said.

Lutz, Kellan
Way Too Thin

We have two pieces of advice for AnnaLynne McCord: Eat; and get back together with Kellan Lutz ASAP!

First, Lutz reportedly kissed another girl on New Year's Eve, though the 90210 star forgave him for that act. But you won't believe what he did last month!

The actor failed to get his girlfriend an expensive present for her birthday.

"He showed up at her house with flowers and took her to dinner, but that was it," said the source. "No gift."

Hellooo, AnnaLynne! Is anyone there? Don't your realize that Lutz's body is his gift?!?


um just saying but who cares if he got her anything??? if you really care about a guy you shouldnt care if he gets you anything he should be your gift and dating kellan lutz is equal to like 4 extremly expensive gifts.. if any guy that darn sexy showed up at my house with flowers and dinner id be perfectly content. i think that is vfery romantic and thoughtful.


The fact that he even remembered her birthday should be enough. He's a very busy guy and to still get the time to be there for her birthday would have been good enough for me, besides she's an actress who im sure can afford anything see wants, just go buy it urself


Ok first of all Lizz it dose not matter what he got her as long as they were together for her brithday. i would be happy if he just showed up with nothing as long as he was there and I can already tell your going to be very bitchy with your boyfriend and this is the last thing I'm gunna say I wish he would show up at my door with nothing but flowers.


That's rubbish! High School boyfriends do that, not ones that can afford and should be able to actually present you with a gift.


So he kissed another girl on new years eve hello new years eve and if a guy like kellan gave me flowers and took me to dinner for my birthday well that would be a bloody good birthday for me.

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