Katherine Jackson on MJ's Death: It Wasn't Natural

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Michael Jackson's mother, Katherine Jackson, spoke for the first time about her son's death last night on Fox News, calling in to speak to Geraldo Rivera.

Asked how she feels about Dr. Conrad Murray and his role, she said: "All I know is that my son is dead and I don't think he just died of natural causes."

Well, yeah.

"He's too young for that. Something happened, I don't know what."

Katherine Jackson also denied her husband, Joe, is banned from their Encino home and said that Michael's children Prince, Paris and Blanket, who she currently has custody of as instructed by the late star's last will, are all "doing fine."

Debbie Rowe, the biological mother of the elder two, will have visitation with the children, but did not ask for custody and will receive no compensation.

Listen to Katherine Jackson's interview with Geraldo below ...


To Katherine Jackson,my condolence to you and the Jackson family.
Michael is and will always be my all time favorite entertainer,I grew up with The Jackson 5,then I became a Michael fan,his musical talent will always be extra
ordinary.My favorite recent song is,I just can't stop loving you.He will live forever in my heart.P.S.I don't trust doctors,I pray the Jackson family will get total justice.


It is possible that Katherine Jackson did not know the extent of her son's addiction. Denial in families is often a huge impediment to seeking help for their loved one's mental illness. On a more sinitser note, it is also possible that she (and other family members) did not pursue a drug invention with Michael Jackson because she was/is financially dependant on him. MJ would hire, fire, and cut out people from his life that were trying to end his addiction and get him proper help. He wanted to do things his way, and he wanted to continue to use and abuse prescrdiption drugs regardless of what is cost him, his children, and other friends, family members, business associates, and the doctors who were trying to help him. This is very typical of an addict with a life-threatening mental illness. Read Dr. Drew Pinsky's book on celebrity narcissism ... MJ was a sick, self-centered, human being who chose to live his life this way. He needed help and he didn't get it ... period!


I personally want to say thank to you for all want you did for your son M.JACKSON. I hope that the good Lord will help in caring for grandchildern.I will love one of the son to become another M.J .May God richly bless you and the childern .Again I storngly believe that you will care for the way you think they should grow . Thank . From Mustapha A.Collier ,Sierra Leone


Apparently he didn't die because he was an addict. Addicts sleep and awake every day. It seems to be that he dies because the Dr.Conrad feels asleep. He makes a big mistake, if he did his job well. The "addict" would still be alive. And perhaps “Propofol� is not natural. I am a mother to, and my 2nd daughter is a drugs addict, do you know how that hurts all the pain you have to go true??? Being a drugs addict is 10 times worsen than being dependence on medicines. It’s a shame, to see how they speak to a mother that is going true the pain of having loosing a beloved son.


Duh, Katherine! What gave you your first clue that your son's death was not brought on by "natural causes"??? Addicts die because of their over indulgences. Why didn't you try harder to do an "intervention"; maybe you could have saved his life...


I'd like to offer my condolences to Katherine Jackson and the entire Jackson Family for the loss of MJ. May God continue to comfort them during this time.

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