Katherine Jackson May File Wrongful Death Suit Against Dr. Conrad Murray

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While Joe Jackson says son Michael will be buried on his birthday (August 29), Michael's mother Katherine reportedly is mulling filing a wrongful death suit.

Police are investigating who is responsible for The King of Pop's June 25 cardiac arrest, and his mother, who has full guardianship of his children, wants justice.

Farewell, Michael Jackson

Authorities probing Jackson's death are focusing on Dr. Conrad Murray, his personal physician, who is suspected of giving him the powerful anesthetic Propofol.

"The possibility of a wrongful death action has been floated," Katherine Jackson's lawyer Burt Levitch said. "In that regard, no decision has been finalized."

"Dr. Conrad Murray's name has been floated [as a possible defendant in the potential lawsuit] because he is under investigation," the attorney added.

Katherine Jackson will raise MJ's kids and receive 40 percent of his estate.

Just how negligent was Murray? Police think he may have left the singer unattended after administering the lethal dose, leaving him dead for five hours before a 911 call was placed, during which he tried to "clean up" his actions.

Nevertheless, we emphasize that this is only one theory, and while the investigation is ongoing, the doctor denies wrongdoing and has not been charged.

L.A. County Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff also approved a merchandising agreement expected to add $15 million to Michael Jackson's estate.

A decision to green-light a deal for a proposed three-city tour of Michael Jackson memorabilia was put on hold, however, in light of objections by Katherine.


I only hope that Michael's children can set aside all the issues, rumors, and gossip that will forever surrounds their father's life and remember him "ONLY" for what he was to them and how he was with them. I suspect that with them and only them was he able to display and see himself as a true (normal) human being, just like the rest of us. Michael gave not only his talent but himself to all of us (the world). I hope that he found the peace and happiness that every human being deserves in his children. My heart goes out to his mother. Other than his children, she is probably one of the few people with whom he ever experienced unconditional love. His children should take comfort in knowing that they made Michael (Our KING, Their Father) whole. Gone, but never, ever forgotten. Michael you shall rest in our hearts forever.


Mrs. Jackson should sue:
Dr. Murray the no good bastard who finally killed Michael
Dr. Klein the lying Dermatologist who leeched off of Michael and was treating him for a disease that a dermatologist should not have been treating him for lupus
Dr. Hoefflin plastic surgeon who was so mentally ill that he could not stop giving Michael surgeries finally mutilating his beautiful nose
Dr. Neil Ratner the first Dr. to give Michael Jackson Propofol and made him believe it was safe as long as he was being monitored.
The sleazy no good pharmacy which had another branch fined for selling animal hormones to humans for human consumption, who ordered the propofol for a Doctor knowing it should only be sent to hospitals. SUE ALL OF THEIR NO GOOD, GREEDY, SELFISH, ONLY THINKING ABOUT THEIR POCKET ASSESS. ALL OF THEM ARE LARGE ASSHOLES. I HOPE THEY ALL DIE HORRIBLE DEATHS, AFTER THEY ARE SUED. R.I.P. Prince Charming


Michael Jackson was a lost soul for years- and sad to say his death in this way was just a matter of time. He lived in his own world- a world not set in reality at all. And like Elvis, the king was killed by his court. the leeches and vampires who would do anything to keep their high paying job - even kill the goose that laid their golden egg. Doctors are not God and there are lots of doctors who will give anyone anything for money, fame or greed. God rest Michael Jackson soul, his music will live on but he will always be remembered as much for his weird life as his music

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