Jordan Scott Accuses Stephenie Meyer of Plagiarizing Breaking Dawn

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While Twilight was a hit, and the buzz over New Moon is off the charts, controversy over the final two films in the Twilight Saga continues to grow.

By now, most fans are familiar with the shady decision to replace Rachelle Lefevre in Eclipse with Bryce Dallas Howard. Go read more about it and let your opinion be heard.

Now, an author is taking Twilight creator Stephenie Meyer to court for allegedly stealing ideas for Breaking Dawn.

As first reported by TMZ, Jordan Scott sent a cease and desist letter to the book's publisher, stating the fourth installment in the franchise contains a "striking and substantial similarity" to Scott's book, "The Nocturne."

breaking dawn

Scott says her novel was published in 2006; though, strangely, we can't find it on

She claims that numerous scenes in the books are eerily similar, such as (Breaking Dawn spoiler alert!)...

  • Both contain a post-wedding sex scene;
  • Both depict a scene about a woman who's sick because she's carrying a child with "evil powers;"
  • Both focus on the death of the main character's wife.

In response, Meyer's rep wrote to TMZ: "The claim that 'Breaking Dawn' by Stephenie Meyer somehow infringes on an alleged book by someone named Jordan Scott is completely without merit. Neither Stephenie Meyer nor her representatives had any knowledge of this writer or her supposed book prior to this claim."

Man. It was a lot more fun when the only breaking news about these movies/books involved the latest Robert Pattinson pictures.


Problems for Stephenie Meyer! I understand the fans don’t want to accept this, however the facts are the facts.
If this were not true, Jordan Scott and her claim would have been laughed out of court! But it’s not, in fact, it’s growing. I saw a report on TV last night.
If this were not true, why are the fans so upset? Jordan Scott would have been exposed and Stephenie would be smiling :)
If this were not true, Stephenie would have issued a public denial! Where is she? Why is she hiding?.
If this were not true, why would Jordan Scott have put passages out to the world for comparison? You can agree or not, but she obviously is not hiding.
If this were not true, Jordan Scott’s lawyer would not even take the case! By the way, did anybody google her lawyer? He is the guy that took down Napster.
All Breaking Dawn fans better buy copies of the book while you still can. Good luck Steph, you’re gonna need it!


I just finished reading Jordan Scott's book on-line at Google books, it is under Texas Aggies, don't ask me. I've also read Breaking Dawn about 6 times. I see almost no similarities between the books. It is also my understanding that Breaking Dawn or technically Forever Dawn was first written and copyright by Stephanie Meyers in 2003. That would be the same year that Jordan Scott started her book according to her own words, "it took 3 years to research and write the book" it was published in 2006. 2006-3=2003. Does that seem strange to anyone?
So after reading Jordan's book, I can tell you I would never waste my money to buy it. The book would need serious re-write to be good. Further to accuse Stephanie Meyer of plagiarism would be funny if it wasn't so sad a ploy on Jordan's part. She may get some publicity out of this, but not the kind she wants. It won't encourage anyone to go buy her book either.


omfgooooood...... Stephenie is INNOCENT!!!!!!!!! HONESTLY!!!! And if this "nocturne" book really exists, how come nobody knows about it??? Stephenie Meyer would have acknowledged the fact that she got her ideas from this other book! It's not like she's a liar or anything! Screw this Jordan Scott!!!!! >:(


I just want to second what Maren said. TMZ? If it was that important why did she go to TMZ


ShArOnA - I agree with you 110 % who has heard of Jordan Scott before now?? I know me and my friends haven't !


Some one just tel that Jordan whatsher name that she is so going to lose and they can't even find the book! When this is over she is going to look like the biggest bitch there every was!


o.O I agree with ShArOnA. Just forget about it; it's a bad publicity stunt that's going to work if people get all personal about it. There's not enough "similarities" for this to even be taken to court, it'd be laughed out. They say no publicity is bad publicity, so it doesn't matter if it's in a negative light; look already at the people curious about the book enough to search what it's about. Just laugh it off and let it go :)


Anyone who writes a book on a vampire love story would probably think the same. I think she is looking for fame and hoping we will all go and buy the book. So just ignore her and don't go buy it.


When I typed in the name Jordan Scott, the very first hit I came across for the author was the link to this site/article. I've searched all of the major online bookstores and couldn't even find a used copy of the book. When I put in the ISBN # (which I got from Kyari's post), I only got three hits: this page, the page that Kyari posted from, and a link to a site called which goes to a different site altogether. I can't even find the passages that were supposed to have been posted by Jordan Scott online except for on the site. I'm not saying that Ms. Meyer did or did not plagiarize from the other book but I do wonder about the timing of the accusations and whatnot.