Jordan Scott Accuses Stephenie Meyer of Plagiarizing Breaking Dawn

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While Twilight was a hit, and the buzz over New Moon is off the charts, controversy over the final two films in the Twilight Saga continues to grow.

By now, most fans are familiar with the shady decision to replace Rachelle Lefevre in Eclipse with Bryce Dallas Howard. Go read more about it and let your opinion be heard.

Now, an author is taking Twilight creator Stephenie Meyer to court for allegedly stealing ideas for Breaking Dawn.

As first reported by TMZ, Jordan Scott sent a cease and desist letter to the book's publisher, stating the fourth installment in the franchise contains a "striking and substantial similarity" to Scott's book, "The Nocturne."

breaking dawn

Scott says her novel was published in 2006; though, strangely, we can't find it on

She claims that numerous scenes in the books are eerily similar, such as (Breaking Dawn spoiler alert!)...

  • Both contain a post-wedding sex scene;
  • Both depict a scene about a woman who's sick because she's carrying a child with "evil powers;"
  • Both focus on the death of the main character's wife.

In response, Meyer's rep wrote to TMZ: "The claim that 'Breaking Dawn' by Stephenie Meyer somehow infringes on an alleged book by someone named Jordan Scott is completely without merit. Neither Stephenie Meyer nor her representatives had any knowledge of this writer or her supposed book prior to this claim."

Man. It was a lot more fun when the only breaking news about these movies/books involved the latest Robert Pattinson pictures.


There is no need for anyone to be unbiased. I am a Meyer fan period. But look at the facts. Anyone who is really a Twilight Fan knows all about Forever Dawn which is... the first sequel completed in 2004. Not published for the public but Steph did finish it and in there is the complete idea for the series. The difference between that and Breaking dawn, Edward left and Bella and Jacob thing. Other than that she was finished 2 years before little miss my book didn't make so I am going to take it out on someone elses book even was published in 2006. Also if she is going to cry about it shouldnt she go after every half breed vampire birth then. Blade, Blood Ryne. etc... she is dumb and ill researched.


Are you Twitards serious!? There are so many similarity's with the text that it would be easy to sue! It's terrible you faggots freak out like this when you're wrong instead of just admitting it.


Oh, wow. You people are still posting on here? What the hell? Don't any of you have lives?


I never heard of this scott chick and I have read every vampire or supernatural book there is!


ok. seriously. ive never read jordans book, but cmon. the baby bella is carrying isnt evil. its a vampire. of course its gona be hurting her... she's still human while carrying it!!! n like everybody pointed out.. there's many books that have a post wedding sex scene. and in breaking dawn its difficult bcuz edward bruises bella... but then controls himself better. is that in the nocturne?? i dont think so. a post wedding sex scene is hardly SIMILAR SCENES. and bella dying. well duh! the baby ripped out of her!!! how is she NOT gona die? i mean cmon these things were obviously gona happen in breaking dawn. how else would the story end with bella edward n reneesme? how would she hav been conceived? obviously by edward n bella gettin married... havin sex... n den da half vamp bein born nearly killing her mother. seriously. cmon ppl. im not gona call jordan n e names or say she's doin it for da publicity... all im sayin is that stephenie is innocent.


looks like somebody' s jealous...
jordan scott is just publishing alla these shit because her novel is not well-known while stephenie meyer' s is!
she is exposing as "stolen" scenes a MARRIAGE scene, a love scene on a beach and a human' s transformation to a vampire...
all these scenes are very common and she says that they are UNUSUALLY similar!
FOR GOD' S SAKE! these are happening in most movies!
so... jordan all your "evidence" or whatever you call 'em are BULLSHIT!!!


Okay all i am saying is that this book, though it is real, nobody has really even heard of it. And those similarities, those have to be in hundreds of books. post wedding sex, come on, its a honeymoon!! Of course there will be post wedding sex!! And pregnant with an evil thing, the baby inside of Bella isn't "evil" they just call it that sometimes because its hurting her! It's not evil! And focus on the main characters wife dying, um that would be in about a million books!! gosh, get a clue woman.


I hope Scott wins. I can't stand Meyer and Twilight. Scott's book seems good, btw.


Both contain a post-wedding sex scene;
(umm in what post wedding scene is there not sex???) Both depict a scene about a woman who's sick because she's carrying a child with "evil powers;"
found also in a s***load of other books/movies Both focus on the death of the main character's wife.
a lot of people die get over it but this also happens in a lot of books/movies F.E. ps i love you (but with a husband dying) i hate retards like this ahha


It's just some freaking retard trying to steal some money outta of Stephenie. This is pissing me the hell off. It seriously is. I just hate it when people are incredibly stupid and try claiming things like this. No one even knows who she is or that she or her stupid ass book even exist! To claim that someone like Stephenie Meyer would read her crap is extremely insulting.