Jon Voight: Mad as Hell, Not a Fan of Health Care

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Possibly delusional and hate-filled actor Jon Voight appeared on Fox News' Huckabee this weekend and slammed Barack Obama for being arrogant, forcing his policies on America and essentially playing God when it comes to health care.

According to Jon, we are "witnessing a slow and steady takeover of our true freedoms" and becoming a "socialist nation" thanks to Obama and "civil unrest."

Indeed, there is rioting in the streets as we look out the window of The Hollywood Gossip office park right now. There is so much civil unrest it's ridiculous.

All we wanted was for things to stay the way they were, and for government to do nothing. But the takeover is happening so fast, we just gotta start looting.

Other observations made by the father of Angelina Jolie:

  • We are told what cars we can drive, and how much we can make.
  • Health care is a "personal crusade" of Obama that no one wants.
  • "They" are taking away God's first gift to man, "our free will."
  • The economic stimulus plan simply did not work.

The 70-year-old actor also says the President is "forcing upon" Americans something they do not want, even though their elected representatives will ultimately decide its fate by voting, and be held accountable in ensuing elections.

Agree? Disagree? Anyway, here's Jon Voight on Huckabee ...


The person who wrote this is another of those dumbass twats. Down deep these people just hate the fact that a black man beat a white rich boy. The stimulus plan IS working. Read the studies, listen to the people who know, open your fucking ears jackasses. Actually, the person who wrote this is the real racist!


I hate to admit it....but I have to side with Voight on this one. The stimulus plan is a horrible joke.


my wife is a RN,so do you think Jon Voight is suffering from dementia,memory loss, or just some other form of senility?


finally, someone not slanted from the hollywood side, sees and says things as an everyday american citizen would/should............


I do not understand the nerve of some people gorge bush sunk this country and nobodys saying anything about that! were was the likes of john voight then, now he wants to open his fat mouth about obama, people minds are stupid they would bash a man for trying to help poor people, I hope his plan work if the government would have stepped in, maybe we wouldnt be in this financial mess thanks to bush, yea but you guys and saying nothing about that are you, bush had eight years to tear this country apart and you stupid people are mad at obma for trying to help people, I tell you im all for it, the likes of john need to shut up nobodys cares about what he thinks!


Completely agree with Mr. Voight.


The fact that he walked out on his family. Many people get divorced these days. Why attack him personally, just look at his views and make a judgment. I agree with what he has to say about Obama's view on health care. Also, Hollywood Gossip lowers itself by calling him names instead of sticking to the issue.


P.S. Voight- GO HOME! stay out of the movies & off the Airwaves! You are an IDIOT!! Your obviously are able to afford your own healthcare-unlike 1/5th of this country (me&my family included)! Unless you have a PRECISE, AFFORDABLE, LOGICAL, PRACTICAL, FAIR, COMPASSIONATE proposal for a new System - SHUT UP!! The system is broken, fixing it has to start somewhere. Thus far I see NO VIABLE SOLUTIONS- MORE OPTIONS ARE NEEDED!! Its put up or shut up time VOIGHT!!


At least Obama's political team is trying to come up with solutions. That's a hell of a lot more than Bush and his Pop ever did for this country. Don't forget people a new president has to ride out the coattails of the previous presidency for a year or two and try to "fix" the crappy mistakes it left behind. The way our democracy works thus far is that we barely get it fixed and then it gets f***ked up again! So much for progress!! Have another beer/wine/deep breathe to meditate & enjoy the sunset. There's no point in getting so anxiety ridden that you can't breath, sleep or eat. As far I have already seen we're all just coasting along in bumper cars until we get HIT & try to survive the outcome. What we need is an old fashioned OVERHAUL of the whole Healthcare system. Good Luck & Good Night All


john voight if out of his mind and a D list actor, no wonder his ho daughter hates him.

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