Jon Gosselin to Appear on Good Morning America, Bash TLC For "Exploiting" Kids

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Jon Gosselin is finally ready to break his silence.

In a formal, sit-down interview, that is. Lord knows that guy runs his mouth to celebrity gossip tabloids pretty much 24-7, resulting in more inopportune sound bites and contradictory statements than you can even keep track of.

Good Morning America scored the first post-divorce interview with the nation's most eligible d-bag bachelor. On Friday, Jon sat down with GMA to talk about ex Kate Gosselin, the network that started it all (TLC) and his future career.

In her recent media tour, Kate Gosselin has remained fairly neutral, or at least just let the softballs sail past her whenever she's asked about Jon.

Will America's biggest player do the same?

A source on set during the taping tells E! that Gosselin was "very open and honest" about his feelings toward Kate and the future of Jon & Kate Plus 8:

"TLC has had him on a gag order and he's sick of it ... Jon basically comes right out and says he's worried the show is exploiting his eight children."

The Biggest Loser

Okay, so he's sick of the cameras following his eight kids around, but that doesn't mean the King of Pimps, who hosted a Las Vegas pool party packed with scantily-clad babes Saturday, is ready to leave the spotlight himself.

"Jon says he doesn't see himself as a celebrity, but because the public now does, it makes it hard to go back to a normal life and a normal job," says the source.

"He wants to stay in the TV industry, and he has a lot of ideas."

Naturally, when Jon got wind of this E! News report, he got on the horn and said the complete opposite: "I'm not saying TLC is exploiting my children."

"I have said on numerous occasions TLC has afforded my kids a better life and provided a better roof on their heads," the lover of Hailey Glassman adds.

He did say that "What I do believe is the media and tabloids covering my family and the show for their own financial gain are the ones exploiting them."

The interview is scheduled to air in the next week.


Jon hasn't the brains or gonadas to have a successful anything...basically his gonadas are his brains.


I don't get the exploitation stuff folks. There are lots of "child stars" and TLC adheres to the rules about child actors. If you feel strongly they are being exploited, all you need do is ignore the Gosslins and all will go away. But since you are posting here and reading all about them, well, :) For me I enjoy watching these charming children. John's passive agressive personality would drive a saint to scream. Not saying Kate is a saint, just someone who wants more than a couch potato. I'd have dumped him long ago.


I can't stand looking at the idiot. I'm sure TLC will be much better off without the loser.


OMG Jon is such a loser. He agreed to the show and TLC is not "exploiting" his kid, by the way the kids are practically not even his anymore. I think Kate has gotten a lot better and Jon has become so immature.


Jon can't say anything negative about TLC until his contract expires, then he'll say plenty.


More contradictions from this geek. He is never going to say, on record at least, that TLC exploits his kids. TLC and those 8 kids are the big cash cow. Where would he be without either? He would still be a big loser, we just wouldn't have to read about him. Why do you think any of those people showed up for his "party", because it's free, paid for by the Gosselin children. I didn't read of any A-listers being there, more like Z-listers. The geek with the man boobs. Guess Hailey wasn't invited. Notice how she is never invited when there is a chance other women might be around. He doesn't want to miss a chance to find another teen-ager to bang. Put him out of his misery and get him off tv. Oh, I bet that Ed Hardy would like to pay him NOT to wear those shirts. LOL


Kate has shown no respect for Jon on the show. She is a bitch looking for fame and fortune and certainly not just for the kids. Whatever Jon does is due to her lack of respect. I am also very suprised that the TLC show would allow her to act as she has,.
I can go on and on especially one show when Jon went to the Phillies game with the children and when they aired the show, Kate acted as though she had never heard of baseball or the Phillies. Has she been living under a rock, I don't think so but she will do anything for attention.




HE exploited his children.


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