Jon Gosselin Promotes Underage Drinking

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Looks like a celebration was in order after dissing Kate Major.

Jon Gosselin's hilarious midlife crisis was in full swing as the father of eight partied with some 19-year-olds Tuesday night, according to Perez Hilton.

While the celebrity blogger does not cite any sources for the story, he claims pictures of Jon boozing it up were put on Facebook by fellow revelers.

Teens are inclined to do that, and nothing Jon does would surprise us in the least, but take this with a grain of salt, as we can't really back it up.

The guy is a d-bag, though. We can state that with certainty.

Jon Gosselin likes beer almost as much as dating mediocre girls.

We wonder how Mady and Cara Gosselin will react to seeing this on Facebook when they get old enough to make their own accounts. Or whether they will add Hailey Glassman and Stephanie Santoro as friends and post on their walls.


I know Jon wants attention, but he's getting it in the wrong way. He should stop trying to relive his teenage years and spend some time with his kids. Right now, this family is really falling apart.


Gosselin is obviously overreacting to allowing himself to be oppressed most of his 'adult' life by a controlling, narcissistic shrew. C'mon, Kate ain't no angel. She is a self absorbed, self involved control freak who is not able to accept anyone or anything on their own merit, but only by how much she can control them. Jon is a spineless pussy who obviously now feels like a 'man' because he found some young fleabag whore to idolize him. Standards and esteem are pretty nonexistent when one gets 'validation' from a skank/child like Hailey (or is it Miley? dunno, they seem to be one and the same to me...) Losers - all of them. btw...where are Hailey's parents anyway???


my bad i spelled life wrong just correcting


i think jon should just work it out with kate for the sakes of ther childern i watch the show everydaii and man its not what it used to be to much changed and the kids are starting to know whats going on with there mommy and daddy so i think jon should just leave his hollywood live and work spending more time with his kids this is just my piont of veiw


He obviously has no shame for doing this so why should we even care?? If he did care about his image or his kids, he'd be with them or he'd try and stay out of the limelight. I guess I just don't understand the fascination with this guy. As a society we are more interested, it seems, as to what Jon is doing than what is going on in the real world.


Why doesn't someone call the police on this idiot and get him locked up. protect society from ever having to hear of jon again. He is such a geek with man boobs. It is digusting.


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