Jon Gosselin Disses, Dismisses Kate Major

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The newly-single Jon Gosselin may be living it up without the ball and chain on his ass these days, but when it comes to ex-wife Kate, he still offers praise.

"Kate's the mother of my children," says Jon. "I only wish her the best."

As for rumored fling Kate Major, a.k.a. Kate 2.0? Not so much!

Speaking to E! News, the father of eight was asked to comment on Major's claims last night that Jon is a liar and two-timer who needs to man up.

"I'm happy that she's out of my life," Gosselin said.

Oh. Yes. He. Did. Kate 2.0, that one stung.

Major, who quit her job to be with a guy she hooked up once, and who is in the midst of a midlife crisis and in full rebound mode, just got served. The lesson here? Wait for the second or third date before making life-changing decisions.

BIG PIMPIN': Jon Gosselin is a true player for real. At least as far as mediocre, unbalanced and slightly pathetic chicks go - he's got that market cornered.

Somewhere, Hailey Glassman is reading this quote and doing celebratory shots and bong hits while playing with guns. He's officially all yours, party girl.


I can't wait till he gets his A$$ handed to him a year from now when she gets tired of him and dumps the sad sack. What a loser! He has four tattoos? Why not make it five and put a great big L in the middle of his forehead?


Hailey is 10 years younger than him. That's a big difference from 22-32.(any difference above these ages I think is fine) But at her age she is probably in PARTY mode.She needs to expeience life more before comitting to a father of 8.


It doesn't suprise me the way he dissed Kate 2.0. Look how he tried to blame the other Kate for all his problems. He accepts no accountability for anything. He should "man up" as Kate 2.0 says, the problem is, he isn't a man. A real man doesn't act the way he acts. Plus those "man boobs" make me sick. The guy is a loser. Both Kates should be glad to be rid of him. LOSER.


Who the hell wants Jon Gosselin?


who cares!! loser


Jon is a LOSER. He by the way never looks happy when he is photgraphed. He could have waited for the ink to dry on the divorce papers... Anyone going out with Jon should be warned... lol

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