Jon & Kate Fight Blamed on Stephanie Santoro!

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Sources close to Jon and Kate Gosselin say their noisy argument last night, which ended with the cops showing up at their house, started after Kate learned that her ex wanted to leave the kids with Stephanie Santoro - a babysitter favored by Jon.

Kate apparently has serious trust issues with Santoro, and doesn't want her playing nanny to the kids. Perhaps because Jon is rumored to be nailing her.

She therefore went to the house to watch the kids instead of Stephanie, and Jon was unhappy to see her, sparking a fight that ended with Kate calling 911.

Jon pretty much confirmed the details this morning at the house.

No comment on whether he's been spending late nights at the bar in Reading, Pa., where Stephanie Santoro works when she's not doing him babysitting.

Reverse Mullet Action
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Kate Gosselin is reportedly not a huge fan of Stephanie Santoro, Jon's personal favorite babysitter and possible new bedpost notch. Hard to imagine why.

Sources close to Kate Gosselin also confirm that she was the one who dialed up the police last night after she and Jon got into a major blowout over this.

Police arrived at the Gosselins' expansive Pennsylvania home shortly after the call was made, but were only at the residence for around 10 minutes' time.

Basically, just long enough to make everyone simmer down. Kate eventually left the house and stayed at a nearby Days Inn, as it was Jon's turn with the kids.

Who sucks more?

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What does anyone see in Jon? He is a disgusting middle aged man with 8 children who still thinks he 21! And good LORD the women? They are even more pathetic than he is! That Kate Major woman seems attractive in her photos... Jon .. Not attractive. my GOD is he not attractive. No wonder the other Kate (his football teams mama) bushwacked her hair I would have gone nuts too.
Douche Bag comes to mind whenever I see his damn name and its freaking everywhere.


Jon seems to be an EXPERT in passive-aggressive behavior. He knows that his wife would be upset about the nude-model, hard-drinker galpal as a babysitter. He is pushing her buttons. This is obviously how he was through their marriage and why she seemed to be irritable. He loves poking at her and getting her upset.
And feigning the "I dunno" attitude. It's all so clear, Now.