John Mayer Mug Shot: Uncovered!

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John Mayer threw down the celebrity mug shot gauntlet today, challenging TMZ to produce his booking photo from 2001, when he was arrested for driving with a suspended license in Atlanta (the case was then dismissed a month later).

Mayer issued the challenge via his official Twitter last night, and let's just say the crooner should know better than to underestimate the power of the Internets.

The latest addition to our gallery of celeb mug shots hath been found:

John Mayer Mug Shot

A youthful-looking John Mayer mug shot, dated May 2001.

In conclusion ... John Mayer is still a douchebag. But considering his end of the bet - that he will pay $25,000 to a charity of the celebrity gossip website's choice if they could dig up the mug shot - maybe he's not that big of a douchebag.

Assuming he pays up, that is.


There is a reason Mayer had his license suspended. It could be a DWI, an unpaid moving violation, unpaid child support or some other reason, What was his?


D0h! Of course " Perhaps if you like something " should be " Perhaps if you DON'T like something "


audry Says:
" i hate "
Hate is so cool . The world needs more hate ! Perhaps if you like something or someone you should just turn around , walk away , and ignore it instead of hating .


Debra, not everyone who gets arrested has broken the law. There are a huge number of people who have been wrongfully arrested. Average Joe - I have never been arrested, don't live in rural ND or am I mentally disabled, therfore your statement is 100% WRONG. For those calling John names - I think you better examine your lives. Those who label people tend to have issues with themselves and therefore lash out on others. Get help and stop spreading your brand of hared on the world.


john mayer is an awesome song writer and musician. unlike the rap crap on the radio today he has talent, his lyrics mean something, and he's not on some magazine or news station getting somebodys cousin pregnant or doing drugs or getting a dui.
i don't see at all hows he's considered a douchebag.


To Audry - you must have nothing going on in your life to hate someone you don't know or who has done nothing to you. GET HELP. To Others Calling John a DoucheBag and a Dog - grow up, what are you in 2nd grade? People who call others names tend to have an issue with themselves. GET HELP and stop polluting the world with your hatred.


Attention John the Douche- BAM! YOU JUST GOT PWNED!! Better pay up, heartbreaker.


The attractant has got to be the song lyrics. Musicians & females . . .
You know. }:>


Driving w/ a suspended isn't a crime? Then why was the wuss arrested?
M. Jackson he's not nor ever will he. He's a nothing singer and what women see in him escapes me


ooohhh, I'd do Average Joe too, any time.


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