Jasmine Fiore Feared Violent Ryan Jenkins, Ex Says

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Murder victim Jasmine Fiore was living in fear of Ryan Jenkins, the man now suspected of killing her, according to the Playboy model's former fiance.

Much like Robert Hasman, her ex-boyfriend who spoke out yesterday, Travis Heinrich has nothing nice to say about the man Jasmine went on to marry.

Heinrich says he saw Ryan Jenkins hit Fiore and that she felt compelled to hide a cell phone behind his back because he would read her texts at night.

Just one month ago, Heinrich says, Fiore confided that she was "in over her head" and didn't know how to escape her relationship with Ryan Jenkins.

Was she scared? "Oh, 100 percent," he says.

Heinrich says he saw Ryan, a millionaire real estate developer, "punch her in the arm with enough force to push her in a pool," leading to his arrest.

Jasmine Fiore (Playboy Model)

Jasmine Fiore and Ryan Alexander Jenkins married in March.

Ryan Jenkins, 32, remains at large and is believed to have evaded a massive manhunt and crossed the border into his native Canada. Mutilated remains of Jasmine Fiore, 28, were found last weekend in a suitcase in Orange County, Calif.

The violent poolside incident between Jenkins and Fiore came after Jenkins "was just drinking all day long," says Heinrich, who broke up with her in 2007.

He says Jenkins also didn't like that he and Fiore were talking - a familiar theme, as police say Jasmine's texts to her ex Hasman may have led to her death.

Meanwhile, the investigation into Fiore's murder led police to San Diego, where they stayed at L'Auberge Del Mar two days before she was found dead.

The manager of the hotel observed them and said "they looked like a perfectly happy couple." He said he seriously doubts Jasmine Fiore was killed in the hotel, saying the walls are very thin and no one reported a disturbance.

He did say that neither Jenkins nor Fiore formally checked out of the hotel. The last time they saw Ryan was Friday morning, when he left by himself.

It appears the couple may have gone to a nearby Hilton Hotel. People at a poker party at the Hilton saw Fiore and Jenkins Friday night and observed her putting Jenkins down in a rude way. Fiore's body was discovered on Saturday morning.

As for the chances of bringing Ryan Jenkins to justice now?

An Orange County District Attorney spokeswoman says the fugitive would have to be apprehended and extradited to the U.S. for any trial to proceed.

Canada will not extradite fugitives for death penalty offenses, however, no circumstances are attached to the murder charge that would require Jenkins be eligible for the death penalty, so Canadian authorities would likely comply.

He would have to be caught first, of course. Police say that Jenkins has likely escaped to Canada, and should be considered armed and dangerous.


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One less whore polluting our world is a good thing, and one less whoremonger.


Fact: The fact that the victim had implants, dyed her hair, married someone she hadn't known for years etc. etc. doesn't justify her death, let alone her brutal murder and the indignities perpetrated upon her body.
Fact: The nationality of the killer is irrelevant, unless of course you can name a country that doesn't have violent criminals. I know I can't.
Fact: The murderer is dead and the world is a safer place without him.


pardon the typo - i read this story appalled that these kind of people even got a chance at fame and fortune- the relationship was obviously deeply flawed, they were both publicity narcissists, and both lived indecent lives contributing nothing to society - look at her - an embarassment on every level to women all over the world - a plastic surgury nightmare, a silicone "Hooters girl" with Tammy Faye make-up and a bad breast job - at best - "Playboy" - oh wow, I am so impressed. And then there's him - a sleazy. reality wanna-be- i was compelled to respond. I do feel for her mother, it's horrible to lose a child no matter how screwed up their lives are.


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HEY, I dont, appreicate the nasty comments about AMERICANS OR CANADIANS. I have a parent of each. Two passports. Yes I do fortunate yes in one way. If you ask me both countries suck! Your all brain washed !live aboard.The murders are very sad for two beautiful people who were successful. What a waste. Leave the judging to our creator.They were some ones brother sister child.If you ask me that situation is just one speck of evil.Look around and you see lots of coruption. If you lived your live for the creator we would not be doing all the things we do...the road to heaven is narrow and few are goin there....NERVER SAY NERVER YOU COULD BE IN THERE SHOES ONE DAY WONDERING HOW YOU GOT THERE...I BELIEVE IT WAS A CRIME OF PASSION....THESE FAMILIES NEED OUR SUPPORT...MY PRAYERS GO OUT TO BOTH FAMILIES....MAY THE CREATOR COMFORT THEM IN THEIR SORROW....A...NURSE..


No worries mateys, he's dead now. Found by a hotel manager hanging from a belt in a closet. Case closed.


Okay maybe he hung himself. My bad.


Jenkins was found dead today in Canada, cause of death self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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