Jamie Kennedy and Jennifer Love Hewitt Vacation in Hawaii, Make Onlookers Nauseous

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The nauseating publicity tour of Jamie Kennedy and Jennifer Love Hewitt continued this week.

The relatively new couple will talk to reporters about their relationship and make out in front of the camera whenever possible. It's like Tom Cruise is their dating coach.

Hewitt and Kennedy spent the week in Hawaii, swapping spit, playing bikini basketball and milking their love for every ounce of attention they possibly can. This display of PDA is more disturbing than any storyline on The Ghost Whisperer...

Jamie and Jennifer
  • In Hawaii
  • Ballin

[Photos: Fame Pictures]

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Well I thought that jennifer and david would date but i think jennifer and jamie is so sexy together he really needs too POP!!!! the QUESTION


I am a size 2 and not bone thin -- My body is just like Jennifers (minus her awesome chest)


wow!!! i knew they wre dating but not like that omg!!! i love the both of and them on ghost whisperer as melinda &eli


I've seen Jennifer Love Hewitt in person and she is a tiny person. A friend of mine is a size 0, but you wouldn't think she is, cuz she looks proportioned. As for Jamie and Jennifer, cheers to you!


Andrea, I agree with you! And people, who say such things, aren't comfortable with themselves, believe me...


It's sad how the people being stuck behind PC's whole day are the one giving critique on hér stunning figure.
So what is she's not all bones like Lindsey Lohan? At least JLH has a gréat figure.
Leave her alone.
And if she's happy with Jamie, so be it. I think it's cute. Going to get sick over me now too, because I think so?


She's not tiny? Excuse me, first, she has a small figure, and secondly, she's a thin woman. What's wrong with you people? If you think, that a woman must be skinny, just then she is thin, then I have nothing to say anymore... so an attitude -it's terribly


She's doing Jaime Kennedy....Are you kidding me?


Jennifer Love Hewitt wants us to believe she wears a "size 2"? Looking at that picture of her in a bikini, she's NOT a tiny woman... It's not her figure that disturbs me, but the LYING.