IRS Gets Mean, Dustin Diamond Gets Lien

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For Dustin Diamond, September 29, the scheduled release date for his tell-all book, can't come fast enough. That's what those two chicks said about ... forget it.

The dirty former Saved By the Bell star, who has battled Wisconsin mortgage woes in the past, is now accused of owing money ... to the U.S. Department of Revenue.

Not a small amount either.

A tax lien filed in January in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin shows that the lewd sex tape star owes $21,015.62 in back taxes. That's a lot of "Save My House" t-shirts.

Yes. Screech is even more of a deadbeat than thought!

An Ozaukee County court clerk said that of August 1, it still hasn't been paid. Ultimately, he will face more legal action if he can't pay off the government.

Too bad Double-D was banned from the Saved By the Bell reunion, that would have probably paid something. Or at least gotten him a free tuna sandwich.


Screech was funny, like Jerry Lewis funny, on Saved by the Bell. It's too bad how he has turned out now, pretty scary. But you know they say that sad, hurt people sometimes use humor to mask their pain, this poor guy must be wrecked. Hope he gets some help, mentally and emotionally. Then maybe he can apologize to everyone he's been insulting lately, and try another shot at a career. Not in Adult Films either.


Yuck. This guy is a creepy deadbeat.


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