Incredible Abs Alert: BooBoo Stewart Shows Off Stomach!

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Move over, Taylor Lautner.

You're no longer the Twilight Saga star with the best set of abdominal muscles on set.

Don't believe that's possible? Well, BooBoo Stewart sat down with Access Hollywood this week, dished on his role of Seth Clearwater in Eclipse and showed off his stomach.

Wait until the end of the interview below. You'll be so glad you did...

In the interview, Stewart also says there will be FIVE Twilight Saga movies. Does this mean they will split Breaking Dawn into two films? Awesome!


Omg he has really nice abs! Hahah he's really cute 2


He's Perfect :)


Love u booboo ur so cute if u might think about it email me at or text me at 6363450822


he looks like the jacob bella was referring to in the book Stewart looks just like the young boy i pictured in my head finally the people of the twilight saga picked someone that was adequate for the role!


pretty impressive!! still like taylor though :)

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