Ian Somerhalder: I Am Not Edward Cullen!

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Ian Somerhalder understands the comparisons.

He's not offended by the comparisons.

Vampire Diaries Cast Pic

But he has to set the record straight about the comparisons.

Even though Somerhalder plays one of the key role in The Vampire Diaries, he wants it to be clear: his character of Damon Salvatore is nothing like Edward Cullen!

The actor was asked by French publication Séries Mag if Damon was the anti-Edward. The former Lost star replied:

"Yes, absolutely. From the little I know about the character of Edward. I'll let you in on a secret, I've never seen Twilight... I've heard a lot about it and know the general story lines. And I know that Vampire Diaries will be different from Twilight. What we've shot so far is very intense, very physical, sometimes even brutal."

Somerhald doesn't completely dismiss Robert Pattinson and the Twilight Saga, however.

He freely admits that his new show would never have been made if not for the popularity of that franchise.

"Twilight is a phenomenon the like of which we rarely see, and I'm not complaining about this because thanks to it, I could make a return on the small screen. So, thank you, Twilight!" he said. "However, to those who think that Vampire Diaries is but a pale copy of Twilight, I want to remind that L.J. Smith's books, from which the show is adapted, were written before Stephenie Meyer's."

Will you give The Vampire Diaries a chance? It premieres on The CW on September 10.


@ Vickian
sorry to burst ur bubble but elena doesnt die
if you read the book you would know that she went to a diffrent world and bonnie brought her back. Btw LJ Smith could have sew meyer for copying her idead but she didnt
twilight is good but just not as good as tvd
and ohh this came to me through a dream?? na ah no it didnt meyer


of course twilight has no lots of action.. compare to vampire diaries,it's very different. and besides,if you will just observe the men in twilight, they are not handsome.unlike in the vampire diaries,damon really makes all girls fall in-love.look at taylor lautner.he looks like a pig.his nose irritates me..


I read the vampire diaries before the serie appeared and I love the book. The characters are darker and the story is completely diferent, the book appeared 10 years ago and Damon is absolutely diferent of Edward! I think Twilight made the vampires more populars but Stephenie Meyer is not the first autor in the world and the serie is not the best thing in the world, but the film of Twilight wasn`t the best film and a lot of people love the film so I think this serie can be good. And obviusly, Ian is really sexy!!!!!!!


Hey, there is plenty of room for more vampires in the world. Edward, Damon , who cares...I am just glad I am over my Pattinson crush...'cause booooy this Ian looks good enough to eat/bite/ whatever :D Ana


nobody cares if the vampire diaries books was written before the twilight saga, the only reason the vampire diaries are coming with a show is because of the twilight saga, besides twilight is so much better unlike the vampire diaries elena dies at the end, oh well!!


No, you are definately not Edward Cullen ! There has never been any reason to confirm that fact!

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