How Does Jennifer Aniston Stay So Thin?

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Given that it's Life & Style featuring her on the cover, we expected to read that Jennifer Aniston's "diet secrets" to involve some combination of the following:

  • Crying over Brad Pitt all day
  • Starving herself for weeks on end
  • Eating cartons of ice cream while feeling particularly pathetic and useless at the ancient age of 40, then throwing up to purge the system

Surprisingly, the celebrity gossip magazine says that Jen keeps her amazing figure simply by "incorporating fitness and food" into her life in moderation.

Mariah Carey Weight Loss Pic

What a concept. She may be lonely and sad, but she works out!

"Whenever she wants to look her best, Jennifer does this strict diet so she's able to lose five pounds in five days," an insider on the set of The Baster (a comedy Aniston recently filmed with Jason Bateman) tells the celeb gossip mag.

Jennifer Aniston has "the best body of her life." In other news, Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart want a kid, while Jon and Kate's want the hell off TV.

"She did it during her past few films and doesn't find it hard at all. I saw her eat pasta only once!" But the yoga devotee - who flew her instructor, Mandy Ingber, from LA to her NYC set - always eats enough to keep energy high.

"She routinely gets up at 5 in the morning to run before filming starts," says the insider, who was on set with Jennifer as she filmed The Bounty in New Jersey.

"We were filming from 6 a.m. until almost 11 at night, and she had a great energy level the whole time. She was upbeat and smiley and never flubbed a line!"

"And her body looks amazing!"

It sure does. You've got to see these Jennifer Aniston pictures. Brad Pitt, John Mayer, Bradley Cooper, etc., etc., etc., have no idea what they're missing.


It's funny how someone who doesn't know her at all refers to her as a psychochick lol. I think I can call this person a moron confidently :) Jen is gorgeoussss, and amazing, and btw I'll always be Team Jennifer. For a woman who has gone through what she has she is strong and gracious and sophisticated. Not to mention the most beautiful woman in Hollywood. :)


What rude "gossip". More like bitching to me, pathetic website.


jennifer is the ish this days and yes Brad,john and others dont know what they are missing,shes the hottest thing eva,now Angie looks so thin and a walking skeleton,eish thats so not her(lol) big ups to JENNIFER ANISTAN...U PEOPLE SYOP BEING JELUS OF HER AND CONCENTRATE ON URSELVES,U BUSY CHECKING OUT JEN'S LIFE AND WHOSE BUSY CHEDKING URS AND COMMENTING MXM


The last paragraph says that Brad, John and Brad do not know what they are missing. WRONG. They know exactly what they are missing
and that is precisely why they dumped this psychochick.


I think Renee Zellwiger and Bradley Cooper are the new Brad and Angelina. Renee's doesn't obsess about her body. That's what Bradley Cooper likes about her. Renee gains weight for a movie. That's what I call a serious actress.


I think she looks amazing for her age. Her body looks better than ever. If she doesn't get a man even when she is naked on pics, that might be b/c of all the tabloid rumors that she is needy and lonely. Are any of you getting paid to comment on these articles so, people read them and won't date her???? I am not a Jen fan but I can tell that Angie and her fans are attacting her so she won't be the center of attention in public. Angie has everything husband, kids, money, power...etc So why is Brad trying to leave her every couple of months and looks SOOO UNHAPPY with her??? Not to mention, Angie lost her sexy look. She looks like a walking skeleton with tattooes.


I don't think Jen is a poor lonely woman. She knows how to take care herself. She is an actor, not a housewife, should keep in good shape. She dose not need a jerk in her life as long as she is happy and enjoying her life.
Anyway, Jen's life is none of anybody's business.
Wish Jen the best.


What this woman does to keep in shape is no secret unless your a moron. It would be amazing to me if she had a body like that and kids to boot. Seems like this woman would've figured out by now that all this work on her body isn't helping her get a man(not even naked). I guess all the magazines don't have anything else to say about Jennifer A. She has no man, no kids, no life just working, dieting and exercising to talk about. Poor lonely Jen.


why did u talk about her that why she didnt' do any thing to u plus brad pitt hurted her u shouldnt' talk about her like that again


Why is maintaining her figure so incredible ? The woman has nothing to do but devote her time and money to keeping her shape toned and fit . She intentionally had no babies when married so why would she be out of shape ? And everyone has read about how obsessed she is about her looks be it weight, hair , or continuous cosmetic/plastic surgery .And I think the only way Brad Pitt hurt her was to stop believing in her fraud image .

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