Halle Berry: Voted Sexiest Woman in the World

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There's no doubt that she's the sexiest mother on the planet.

She's also the sexiest girlfriend of Gabriel Aubry.

But Parade is taking it one step further: the magazine has ranked Halle Berry as the sexiest woman alive. Period. Bar none.

There's little doubt that Spencer Pratt will argue with this honor, especially after wife Heidi Montag stripped down this month in Playboy. But what about you?

Do you think Berry is worthy of such lofty praise? Click on the phots below of the actress, make up your mind and then vote in our poll...

So Very Sexy
Ladies and Gentlemen... Halle Berry
Sexiest Woman Alive

Is Halle Berry the sexiest woman alive?


Jada, I agree with you about Halle Berry versus Megan Fox. First, Halle is a very talented and crafted woman with beauty in the movie business. Megan Fox does not have the talent that Halle has in her lifetime. Halle has been in the movie business long before Megan and she knows what it takes to get to the top.


Halle Berry is a classy and attractive woman. Megan has a long way to go before she can achieve even 5% of what Halle has going for her.


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Sexiest Woman Alive
Halle Berry is the epitome of beauty. She's also an Oscar-winning actress and mother to adorable daughter Nahla. The star dated... More »
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