Exclusive Look: Evan Rachel Wood on True Blood

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Of course Evan Rachel Wood has been cast on True Blood.

The actress dated Marilyn Manson for over two years, making her uniquely qualified to hang out on a series that's focused on vampires and other unusual creatures.

Wood will premiere on True Blood on August 30. She will be taking on the role of Queen Sophie-Ann, who is described by show creator Alan Ball as someone “nobody’s ever entirely happy to see. She’s very powerful, capricious and most likely insane.”

Here are a pair of photos from Wood's debut episode:

Evan Rachel Wood, True Blood
Evan Rachel Wood as Sophie-Ann

In other True Blood news: Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin got engaged last week. We wish the best to this couple!


I love Evan Rachel Wood she's an amazing actress. Ever since I saw her in Thirteen, which I think is the best movie ever, I've totally loved her. She's one of my favourite actresses and I love everything about her. I think she was great in True Blood and they made the right choice choosing her for this part.


I have loved everything Rachel Wood has been in since "Thirteen", but what the F**Ck? Her True Blood debut was crap!! I thought I was watching Lendsay Lohan. She did not seem like the vampire queen...........I think they got excited over a big name and let her do whatever. Did someone on the create side of the show get replaced??? It was like the Disney channel took over the show.

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