Edward Cullen: No Match for David Boreanaz's Angel, Joss Whedon Says

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Everyone wants a piece of Robert Pattinson.


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    ANGEL! He's got superhuman strength, speed, everything!
    Also, he's hot AS. And, for the person who said Edward could read Angel's mind, watch the buffy episode Earshot.
    ANGEL! ANGEL! ANGEL! All hot and sweaty, topless. OH GOD...
    Angel. And the person who said Edward could drag Angel into the sunlight, Angel would break Edward's skull with a punch before Edward would get a chance to drag him into the sunlight.


    angel is the cutest out of the people in eclipcs.I love angel the show i see it every day.i hope he doesnt lose his power of a vamp. but david could bete his butt.and buffy can bete kristens butt to.angel(david)is also so hotter then all of the people in eclepsc and twlight and eclipce and twlight=stupid but not to be mean at all but it does not have enfe action for me at all i mean really a guy jumping out of a window and landing on a tree.that was so werd and it is so werd how he sparkles in the light is so stupid and werd at the same time.and buffy is so cute with angel i hope he keeps on doing bones.


    angel is so hot and rod is so not.


    angel is so cute with buffy but angel can totally bete edwards butt and ive seen angels show and he can bete his butt in a minute. i hate eclips or whatever.it just doesn)t have enofe action for me. angel is so much better then twilight and eclipcs combinded and one more thing angel is way more hotter
    i was sad that they lost doil


    according to buffy-verse, you can't actually read vampire's minds. it was mentioned on the show at some point. edward can suck it.


    Angel would so kick Edward's butt, and win the fight. Its a one sided situation.


    angel can kick edward ass with know problem so can buffy. hell i bet even fred form angel and willow from buffy can kick his ass


    Oh please! What question, of course Angel could kick Edward ass! Edward is a little sissy boy next to Angel. Besides, if Edward read his mind will run, because is coward! Angel is really smart and a fighter who has a lot energy. EDWARD HAS NO CHANCE!!!!!! If Angel wants, I will help him to kick Edward ass.


    Angel would sooooooo win mo contest. yeah sure i like edward butt angel is so much hotter and better no offense,and if it was fight between buffy and bella buffy would soooooooooooooooooooo win.


    Angel would SO beat Edward! Is it even a question??
    Angel is a whole lot hotter too. >.> How could you say any sparkly vampire could beat HIM?!

    And Buffy would beat up Edward too. Bella? NO CHANCE.

    Sorry for caps use, but Angel vs. Edward is zero competition.

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