Ed Swiderski Slept with Lindsey Johnson After He Got Engaged to Jillian Harris, Bethany Steffen Says

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The date was June 4.

That's eight full days after Ed Swiderski got down on one knee and popped the question to Jillian Harris on the teary season finale of The Bachelorette.

That was when he railed Lindsey Johnson, according to Us Weekly.

A day later, he sent a flirty text to Bethany Steffen, texting her to "bring beer and condoms" over to his place, Steffen herself tells the gossip magazine.

Smooth line, Ed.

The scorned, humiliated women are speaking out now to warn Jillian Harris about her new fiancee's two-timing ways, which were rumored for months.

"Ed's not worth my time, but if I can help someone avoid heartbreak, I'm gonna do that," Bethany Steffen said of her lying, cheating cad of an ex.

Ed Swiderski and Jillian Harris Photo

The Bachelorette, Jillian Harris, has apparently been betrayed by fiance Ed Swiderski. In other news, Nick and Vanessa are back on and Jon Gosselin is a "bad dad."

Ed Swiderski was reportedly dating both Steffen and Lindsey Johnson behind each other's backs prior to filming The Bachelorette, which began in late March.

Even while he was on the hit ABC show, he texted Lindsey Johnson that Harris wasn't his "type" and that he prefers "all blondes." He also wrote, "I love you." Cold.

According to the report, Ed lied to Harris when he said he had to bow out of episode five because he thought he'd lose his job as a Chicago software consultant.

Ed eventually returned to the show, and went on to win the final rose. But during his time back home, both Steffen and Johnson say they slept with Swiderski.

He then told them he was off to "a business trip in Texas," when in reality he returned to film episode seven of The Bachelorette and declare to Harris that he had "reprioritized" when it came to balancing work and tight shorts romance.

Reported Ed Swiderski playthings Bethany Steffen and Lindsey Johnson.

Jillian herself has denied the women's claims in an interview, saying "It's not possible ... This is a bump in the road. We are a team and we'll get through it."

But Bethany Steffen warns, "Lindsey and I are both smart girls, and Ed just has this way of making people believe what he wants. Jillian needs to be careful."

Adds Lindsey Johnson, "I feel gross, used and completely violated. It shocks me that he was able to do something like that to me."

Will Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski last?


It is true....Bethany is not trying to get her 15 mins. You have no idea, but I do. Stop hating on two girls who got the run around from some dbag. He is the liar...look at him every time on camera...biting his lip and shifting his mouth around...traits of a LIAR! Don't speak unless you know the truth and I do!


Another thing, these women claim to have text messages, etc. from him...I believe those can be validated or I watch too many 'crime shows'!


Let's see now...Wes was a liar and we all knew it but Jillian kept him on the show way too long. Ed left and she let him come back and then chose him. Do the producers of this show know anything about these guys they have on? Seems to me they could spend less money on Spain, Hawaii, or some of those dates and have these guys investigated...I really liked Reid but Ed and Jillian make a really cute couple and seem like they are very happy...let them sort it out!


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1. Ed is not Gay as many people thought he was.
2. Ed is doing "Bachelor" realty show off camera, and the final three are Lindsey, Bethany and Jillian. Ed's final rose goes to Jillian.


Sounds to me like sour grapes all around. Bethany was the rebound from a long relationship starting in College. What kind of woman holds a man to a promise of a promise. That's what "I'll probably propose in a year or so" Huh. Lindsey, he wasn't interested in marriage with you. What can't you get and why so stunned. Have more class. Jillian doesn't need to be warned. You two obviously weren't the right ones. He was still looking. That's what going on the show was


I don't believe a word these guys r saying. Just leave this couple alone and allow them to be happy. I don't think he's that kind of man. If this is true why would he bring his parents out for jill to meet? I think someone is jeleous. I wish them all the best u should also


He's not even remotely attractive. Why women are so desperate to hook up with him is beyond me.


Just take a good look at the guy's face. He has "I'm a lying scumbag" stamped on his forehead. Why any woman would want to date this guy, much less do anything else with him, is a mystery.


I don't if what they said is completely true, but parts of it must be. Rumors don't float around a person unless that person has done something to incriminate himself! Jillian should have picked Reid.

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