Ed Swiderski, Jillian Harris Deny Cheating Rumors

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Did The Bachelorette give the final rose to a two-timer?

That was the question put to Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski on Good Morning America today amid rumors of him cheating with Bethany Steffen and Lindsey Johnson.

"This is nonsense. I feel like I'm in high school," Harris said, adding that an earlier report that Ed had two separate flings is "unfortunate" and "inaccurate."

Ed Swiderski also tried to deny rumors that he "sexted" up Bethany Steffen and then banged Lindsey Johnson eight days after getting engaged to Jillian.

"It's actually not true at all," the Chicago native said. "Jillian and I have become the target of being one of the very few successful couples on the show."

"We're clearly being targeted because we're happy."

BACHELORETTE SHOCKER: Was Ed cheating, as the spoilers predicted?

The season finale aired two weeks ago, and most people seemed to approve of Ed, rather than wanting to cut him down, so we're not sure we buy that.

While not denying that her fiance had been in contact with them, Jillian Harris again dismissed the allegations, saying that Ed Swiderski has no hidden designs and the twosome have been "open and honest" from the day they got engaged.

"I think these women are very hurt, and that they did love Ed. It must be very painful," she said. "That was in the past. Those are past relationships. He has been very clear with me from the very beginning. Ed is not deceiving me."

Harris and Swiderski haven't set a date yet but plan to tie the knot next year in Canada. Wonder what the Vegas line is on them making it to the altar. We also wonder whether Kiptyn Locke is looking better by the day or what?

Here's Jillian and Ed on Good Morning America ...


you should picked Kiptyn Locke


I believe that for the sake of money (from the tabloid) these two girls got together and decided to concoct a story. Seriously...Ed isn't that great looking, though seems nice, but if these women were hurt by him not being theirs, it it a great motive (as is tabloid money!


GuyfriendoNomoreofEd's -- send me your photo and I will be happy to read you and tell you how angry you are. Its a statement that I made, it's not directed towards you-- its no different than palm reading, except I read faces.


Jillian - she chooses to be blind - poor girl - but she will find out later the hard way. Ed - he's a very good sociopath (a person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience) - well actually he's not,sloppy mistakes. Charles - is a weirdo - or ED the sociopath.


Charles you are an idiot, delusional - or ED! or one of his flunkes that help cover for him..


Of coarse you don’t want to face something hard like this - but odd how he HAPPEN to leave the show and then come back (took a break to make sure he had a backup plan if he didn’t get a rose) - but that’s what a lot of women do - they pretend to themselves that THEIR man couldn't cheat! I've watched Ed Cheat - I told the women to come clean - he doesn’t deserve you.
oh and Charles you are either delusional - or ED! or one of his flunkies that help cover for him..


I read faces - I have the ability to read people's characters, not just their expressions or facial features. I read more than that. Ed is telling the truth - he did date those girls in the past, but hasn't cheated since his engagement. And Ed is camera-shy so it makes him appear he may be guilty, but he is not.




He's funny looking. I don't find him remotely attractive.

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