Eclipse Co-Stars React to Rachelle Lefevre Recasting

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As any loyal Twilight Saga follower knows, Rachelle Lefevre will not be reprising the role of Victoria in this franchise's third installment.

Reaction to that news, from fans and co-stars, continues to reverberate.

"I can say that I'm saddened that the dates didn't work out," Peter Facinelli told MTV News, referring to Lefevre's and Summit Entertainment's claims that a 10-day shooting overlap with another movie was the reason she'll be replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard in Eclipse.

Lefevre, of course, denies that this is a valid reason and is threatening to sue the movie studio.

Enjoy this photo of Rachelle Lefevre as Victoria. You won't be seeing it much in the future.

Said Jackson Rathbone, who plays Jasper Hale in the movie: "Rachelle's a dear friend, and I'll miss her terribly.

"I really can't say anything on the business side. Rachelle is an amazing actress and an amazing woman... I'm really sad that I'm not going to get to work with her on the final film of the franchise we started together."

Facinelli (Carlisle Cullen) did tell MTV that the cast is "going to embrace Bryce Dallas Howard — and I hope that the fans do, too."

You tell us, fans. Will you embrace this switch?


and some of u need to get ur facts str8 rachelle was let go because she scheduled another film when she should hav been at rehearsals


would everyone stop being dramatic! Summit is doing nothing wrong. Catherine Hardwicke said she couldnt do the film in the time alloted. You did wanna see the movie this year right? and she did Twilight horrible anyway, even tho i am completely in love with the books she messed up the movie. and how will the movies not be the same w/o rachelle? she said like 2 lines in twilight! u guys just need something to whine about. it sux yea but get over it. stop making mountains out of molehills


to read this blurb I first had to get rid, multiple times, of the recurring banner ad that kept covering up the copy. And then, the caption to the photo of Lefevre says to enjoy the photo now because we won't be seeing much of it in the future, with "in the future" highlighted, so I clicked there thinking there was a related story about restricting either the photo usage or another LeFevre blurb. Instead it was an ad for going to school at an auto college. Since by now I've spent an ungodly amount of time trying to see this one fricken blurb I thought I might as well spend another minute telling you why your page is a nuisance even to a tabloid junkie and I'll be sure never to come back.


I can't believe this; it will never be the same. Eclipse is a big part of the whole victoria story line why even bother to have Rachelle in the other two movies and then change the actress. Nothing against Bryce she is a good actress but the movie won't be as good without Rachelle.


yeahhhhl....I'm tiered of all this!!! Bring another franchise!!! Stephenie Morgan Meyer has copy another book, Rachelle has been firied because Ron Harward daugther wanted to appear in the movie, Kristen look like she is promoting "the runaways" all the time, Taylor has killed himself all this time to show us some muscle and he isn't receiving any credito for that ( hahhaah poorr Taylor!!) and Robert ....where is robert? Well he is not with Kristen THAT FOR SURE!


Summit has already shown what they really like - the CRUEL stuff:
1. Catherine Hardwicke - out
2. Rachelle Lefevre - out
3. Slade - in
4. What next to RUIN IT ALL? Shall we just go for another producer? Twilight-actors, c'mon, let's go and get the REAL VOLTURI - the SUMMIT! They are untrustworthy, cruel, hard, selfish, inconsiderate - and senile at the end.



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