Eclipse Co-Stars React to Rachelle Lefevre Recasting

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As any loyal Twilight Saga follower knows, Rachelle Lefevre will not be reprising the role of Victoria in this franchise's third installment.

Reaction to that news, from fans and co-stars, continues to reverberate.

"I can say that I'm saddened that the dates didn't work out," Peter Facinelli told MTV News, referring to Lefevre's and Summit Entertainment's claims that a 10-day shooting overlap with another movie was the reason she'll be replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard in Eclipse.

Lefevre, of course, denies that this is a valid reason and is threatening to sue the movie studio.

Enjoy this photo of Rachelle Lefevre as Victoria. You won't be seeing it much in the future.

Said Jackson Rathbone, who plays Jasper Hale in the movie: "Rachelle's a dear friend, and I'll miss her terribly.

"I really can't say anything on the business side. Rachelle is an amazing actress and an amazing woman... I'm really sad that I'm not going to get to work with her on the final film of the franchise we started together."

Facinelli (Carlisle Cullen) did tell MTV that the cast is "going to embrace Bryce Dallas Howard — and I hope that the fans do, too."

You tell us, fans. Will you embrace this switch?

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i was so dissappoint as new victoria Bad...Rachell is better tha bryce..


victoria is powerfull roll in both twilight and in new moon.Rachelle is perfect for this roll but now she,s not in eclipse but she do very well in both parts. all watcher,s like her and this is so sad for us replacing of rachelle.


she was so perfect as Victoria. It was a great dissapointment for me to see that she's replaced int the third movie. The producers are idiots obviously...


the recasting will RUIN the saga. a saga is a story with different parts.! those parts have the characters from the first story and changing the appearance of the character will change the whole character and even the whole saga!!!!!!!!!!! this is getting really bad. the number of twilight saga fans will drop. the movie will be ruined.


It's not that we dislike the person who is replacing victorica, but rachelle inspired the escence of victoria in the first twilight film. When we see her we gulp in fear and our hearts accelerate at the apperance of her face. If she is to replace then the fear inspired by rachelle will dissapear along with the recasting. We will no longer fell that this is a long awaited battle that we have been just itching for. Our only thoughts will be as we sit in the movie theatres will be that we no longer see Rachelle's face but the face of some stranger who we wouldn't even recognize as victoria. Because a movie is not a good movie unless the same characters exist with it from start to finish.


put Rachelle back!!!!!she is perfect for this part.bryce dallas howard will never replace old and one and only Victoria-Rachelle Lefevre.


catherine hardwicke RUINED twilight. if you are even a tiny bit of a fan of the book, you should realize what crap she put out. it was a hack job. my friend, who hadn't read the books, didn't even realize that bella and edward were supposed to be falling in love!! bad editing. bad directorial choices. new moon was much more faithful to the essence of the books and was much more cohesive. if summit's decision to replace rachelle prompts improvements like their decision to replace hardwicke, then i'm all for it.


Argh! I loooove Rachelle in this part. If New Moon wasn't ended with a cliffhanger, i might have protested by not watching eclipse :( rachelle's amazin, no offense to bryce dallas howard


I am totally against the whole switching actresses. Why would they do that. Rachelle was the best and they should of kept her. Bryce Dallas Howard might be a good actress but she wont ever be Victoria. I think it ruins the movie for the TRUE twilight saga fans.


i loved rachelle as victori she was awsome and prettier than the bryce chick

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