Dr. Arnold Klein, Rumored Biological Father, Wants Say in How Michael Jackson's Kids are Raised

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Now why would the late Michael Jackson's dermatologist want a say in how the King of Pop's three children - Paris, Prince and Blanket - are raised?

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    If Michael was living today I would like for him to have removed himself from alot of people permanently.


    Prince looks just like Arnold Klein. So I believe it. Also, he wanted input in two of the children. Not three. So I guess he is the dad. Why Michael didn't want his own kids, we will never know.


    I've seen a photo of Dr. Klein when he was younger and he was very handsome.


    This moronic excuse of a human being needs to sit his ass down. He IS NOT the biological father of Prince and Paris, and thus needs to shut up and let Katherine do her job. First of all, just for argument's sake, if he was the father, Michael would have made him sign a confidentiality agreement. That confidentiality agreement would still hold even after Michael's death. With that being said, Klein would not be going on talk shows saying, "To the best of my knowledge, I am not the father," because that just leaves a whole lot of room for speculation. He could have said, "No, I am not the father," and leave it at that. I agree that this dude wants some sort of monetary gain from this, a gain he will not be getting. I feel so bad that Michael Jackson had to surround himself with such scheming, filthy, opportunistic slim bags as some of these people who came out of the wood works.


    and what's more, this ugly ass man and debbie rowe could not have any possible way have made beautiful children like paris, prince and blanket.


    michael knew his mother is a jehovah's witness, he was raised as one and knows that jehovah's witnesses do not celebrate holidays, and if this was such a concern for michael, he would not have left his children to his mother. and if mr. klein really has a "close" and "special" relationship with michael's kids,then he would have been named in the will, but he was not. he needs to shut up. he's not confirmed that he is paris and prince's dad because he is not, and by not confirming, he keeps himself relevant. as its been said before this sleeze-ball, drug injecting creep wants some of MJ's money and a little fame.


    Arnold Klein may or may not be the father of the two older Jackson kids...but what he's really after is the $$$$$. Isn't everyone after a piece of the MJ Gravy Train?


    I think I get what he's trying to say. he mentions being there for the holidays and special events. Katherine Jackson is a Jehovah's Witness and they don't celebrate birthdays, christmas and just about any other holiday. I think it's a good idea for Klein to make sure that they continue to enjoy such holidays.


    Sure he's the father. Note that he only wanted input on Paris and Michael. Why not be concerned for Blanket? Only 2 of the 3 count? No. He's the dad of the 2 kids.

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