David Letterman Weighs in on Gay Marriage

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"Look, let's just go right on the record and say that everyone who wants to get married should be able to get married. Because ... well, why should heterosexuals be the only ones who are miserable?" - David Letterman

Uttering these sage words during a conversation with Donald Trump, David Letterman framed the gay marriage topic in a wholly different way. Forget equality, why should only straight people be subjected to grating spouses?

Surely Jon Gosselin would like to share the suffering.

With the Miss Universe pageant coming up Sunday, Letterman and Trump rehashed some of the drama of Miss USAs past (cough, Carrie Prejean), and Dave wondered if Miss Universe might just replace the United Nations.

Check out a portion of their conversation below ...


thomas, Your "Religious Rights" can't be twisted into discrimination of any people who differ from your religious beliefs, be they other religions or this issue. Freedom of Religion is also Freedom FROM Religious Persecution.-
...when did religion move from doing good works for those less fortunate to self-serving, destructive force it has become? ...


this country was founded on religious rights!


Who cares already. It's not like Letterman is sitting on the U.S. Supreme Court. That he holds progressive views is not a secret.


It's about equal rights for all. If you don't support equal rights for all Americans then you are free to move to Iran. Religious bigotry or hatred towards one class of Americans has no place in our government. Dave's spot on... Opposing equal rights for gays is solely about hatred based on ignorance. That's why the least educated region in America (aka the South) is the most religious and anti-gay.


Jenamy, you are a retarded asshole. Call us when the shuttle lands, will ya?


That jokes is not Letterman's joke. It's really quite an old joke. EPIC YAWN.


hi ppl i never new that david was gay thts very bad he shud not be so he is a very gud person

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