Danielle Staub: Rejected by Constantine Maroulis!

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This is shocking.

A Tony Award nominee has rejected the advances of a former convict/cocaine addict/call girl/sex tape star.

Witnesses told Radar Online that Danielle Staub - whose past adventures with drugs, men and the law have been well documented - approached Constantine Maroulis at a party in New York City this week.

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“They had never met before, she met him that night at the party,” a source said about the encounter. “She was all about him but I don’t think there was much interest on his part. When she gave him her number, he didn’t reciprocate.”

Ouch. Dissed - and dimissed!

Maroulis currently stars in Broadway’s Rock of Ages, for which he was nominated for the aforementioned Tony this year. He finished sixth on season four of American Idol.


It's no surprise he didn't respond kindly to an old whore - he likes his victims young and innocent. Like the teenager he lured back to his apartment (http://www.idletard.com/blog/a.... I didn't know he had a girlfriend currently. If he does, why is he texting his ex, asking her to pay for his flight so he can visit her for a booty call? The guy is a total sleeze who has no respect for women. Anyone who thinks otherwise is another brainwashed fan who thinks they still have a chance with him.


How small are his fingers!!


Constantine: 1. Whore: 0.


Smart man. Constantine recognizes class when he sees it, and is a class act himself. His girlfriend has class. 'nuff said.


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