Dane Cook Makes Unfunny, Inappropriate Reference to Vanessa Hudgens Naked Pic Scandal

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Dane Cook is an unfunny moron.

At this week's Teen Choice Awards, the formerly popular stand-up comedian took to the stage and called out Vanessa Hudgens.

Not content to simply refer to her multiple-time naked picture scandal, Cook forced the camera to pan to the actress and then couldn't even muster a joke about her. He simply said:

Girl, you gotta keep your clothes on!

As the clip below (which was actually edited out of the broadcast) proves, Vanessa looked far from happy about the mockery:

We'd have less of a problem with the reference if Cook actually made an attempt to be funny or witty. You know, something like:

High School Musical? More like High School Nude-ical!


Bandslam? More like Band-slammin' Body!

You get the idea.

Instead, Cook just exploited the situation without even trying to be creative. That's extra lame. Don't you agree?


I don't agree. What's extra lame is taking naked pictures that inevitably get 'leaked' for a bit of publicity.


What a bastard. Poor Vanessa. Public disappointment was bad enough but some shitty joke from Dane Cook addressing it? That was low, Dane. Real low. On the otherhand, I can't wait to see the pictures of his black eye after both Vanessa AND Zac finish with him. I mean, it used to be just Zac but the girl is training for an action movie! She's gotta use SOMEONE as a punchbag!


Well she should ahve expected people to make fun but not at the feakin TEEN Choice Awards!!!! For god's sake! How innapropraite were they this year? First a 16 year old is pole dancing then there were jokes about naked pictures. All you need is Linsday Lohan to make it the Adult Only Choice Awards. And his joke was sh*t.


haha seriously she does though. I thought it was completely funny. I'm getting sick of these picture leaks, and they just always seem to happen when oe of her movies is coming out. Clearly its a coincidence. ppfft.


She's the idiot who got naked and took the pics.


uuuuummm.... whats extra lame is that "leaked" photos are the only way this girl stays relevant. Seriously. I mean, what a coincidence her movie is coming out soon. If your going to be a dumbass and take pictures like this, expect people to make fun of it. Vanessa is a joke & Her boyfriend is what keeps her in the headlines. Her movie is going to bomb.


Why is it entertainment when you publish her pictures, but not entertainment when a comedian comments about photos you've published? Curious.


He is ALWAYS LAME! I don't see how he is so popular, at all. He is one of the worst comics ever. BLECH!!!

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