Dane Cook Makes Unfunny, Inappropriate Reference to Vanessa Hudgens Naked Pic Scandal

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Dane Cook is an unfunny moron.

At this week's Teen Choice Awards, the formerly popular stand-up comedian took to the stage and called out Vanessa Hudgens.

Not content to simply refer to her multiple-time naked picture scandal, Cook forced the camera to pan to the actress and then couldn't even muster a joke about her. He simply said:

Girl, you gotta keep your clothes on!

As the clip below (which was actually edited out of the broadcast) proves, Vanessa looked far from happy about the mockery:

We'd have less of a problem with the reference if Cook actually made an attempt to be funny or witty. You know, something like:

High School Musical? More like High School Nude-ical!


Bandslam? More like Band-slammin' Body!

You get the idea.

Instead, Cook just exploited the situation without even trying to be creative. That's extra lame. Don't you agree?


i dont care what you guys say.... but Dane Cook is a hilarious guy and vanessa deserves it!!!


Well I can believe this is happening to vanessa, sorry but I DONT CARE about her photos i♥ vanessa and whatever happend before thats her problema no ours, and this freaking, fucking asshole what he did to vanessa was totally rude, and inmature, man grow up, i think u need help. Wat i noticed that night its zac efron wasnt next to vanessa, OMG zac dont leave vanessa by herself and then everybody takes advantage of that, vanessa is cute and also a great artist and of course shes one of the best, it doesnt matter, and for vanessa dont pay attention wat stupid people saying about you, dont let them to feel uncomftable you are a ROCKSTART and the envy of everybody u have the handsome, and the hottiest boy in the world ZAC EFRON, and to be honest zac needs to pay attention wat hes doing lately...♥ We love you vanessa no matter WAT!!


I Hate dane cook
he looks like evil.
are you happy now dane cook for doing that to vanessa who is only 17 in that pics and you are 37 shame on you dane cook.


No, I'm pretty sure what he said was funnier than your corny, half-assed jokes. He was right. Everybody was thinking it, but nobody had the balls to say anything. Maybe Vanessa shouldn't have taken the pictures to begin with. She's a dumbass.


I THOUGHT IT WAS SO FUNNY!!!. Just because she is disney's little
actress she thinks people around her cant make these kind of remarks. she better learn to take some jokes if she is gonna be in this business, learn from Paris. shes is a trooper. (love dane cook for saying this!!!) celebrities getting called out is the best!


To kaykay, angela and star. Hey, its not her fault. Everyone makes mistakes. And Vanessa Hudgens mistake was taking the nude photos. She realised her mistake and we should all forgive her. But dont you think its too much of a coincidence that everytime a movie she's starring in is premiering and her nude photos get leaked? Apparantly someone is trying to defame her. Lets cut her some slack (: TO sara, you think she leaked it on purpose? C'mon man. If you are her would you want to leak your OWN nude photos out and get rude curt comments everywhere? Obv no!


He was just keeping it real. she should of never put herself out there like that. she got to understand that she is working with little kids, when they see that their going to think it's okay to take naked pictures of themselves and post them online. so just think about it for a minute really! i totally agree with Dane Cook. maybe she will learn her lesson!!!!


I like Dane, but ya he really didn't tell a joke BUT... she deserves it, just like everyone else that does it. On top of everything, she is a "role model", what is she teaching kids. Is it so hard to keep your clothes on haha!


Lame or not, she sucks as bad as his joke did. Its only fitting.


kaykay, her movie may not bomb. I thought the same about Ashley Tisdale's newest film since looks as lame as Vanessa's but it did well. As for implying that she leaked them because her film is coming out. It's a teenybopper film, it's doubtful that anyone in their right mind is going to embarrass themself for a teen flick.

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