Dancing with the Stars Update: La Toya Jackson Out, Beth Ostrosky In?

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La Toya Jackson has come to her senses.

Following rumors that the entertainer might exploit her brother's death and go Dancing with the Stars, La Toya told Access Hollywood that this wouldn't be the case.

“I’ve been approached to do‘Dancing With the Stars. The fact of the matter is, I won’t be doing it, simply because of the circumstances that (are) going on at the moment.”

While Jackson is out, another interesting competitor might be in.

Beth Ostrosky Pic

On his radio show this morning, Howard Stern said wife Beth Ostrosky was heading to Los Angeles to take part in a reality show. That's all the information we have at the moment, but it would make sense.

The final Dancing with the Stars roster wlll be revealed on Monday. Who do you wanna see on it?


I am not a big fan of LaToya Jackson. In fact most of the Jacksons seem to have their hand out. But to tell her that she could not be on DWTHS seems to be wrong. She is a second rate music and star. She needs to work.I would like to see her on DWTS instead of writing a book about her brother. She needs to make some money. We all go back to work after losing someone we love. Even wives and mothers have to go back. Some in less than a week to pay bills.


Hey - I just saw a list of the 16 competitors on Dancing With the Stars and Beth "Horse Face" O wasn't on the list. Thankfully, the show remains watchable!!! Tom Shepke


So....beth o is considered a celebrity?!?!?! I guess that's what spreading your legs for Howard Stern will get you!! If Kathy Griffin is on the "D List," then beth has to be "G List." I used to like the show, but they're really stretching the definition of "celebrity" in this case. Tom Shepke


DWTS loves to have at least one of a certain type of 'celebrity' on every season. Controversy sells I guess.


i would really want to see Howard dance on the show, if you have ever seen him dance you know its the funniest thing ever, the man doesnt have an ounce of rythim in his body its a wonder he can even have sex with her without losing his place !!!


Beth Ostrosky, a.k.a. Mrs. Howard Stern!!! She's got to be an incredibly strong woman to contend with The Shock Jock on a daily basis. Ba-Ba-Booey!!!

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