Colin Farrell Maybe Knocks Up Alicja Bachleda-Curus

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Colin Farrell's girlfriend, Polish actress Alicja Bachleda-Curus, is rumored to be pregnant with his child. The look on her face below totally tells the story.

Okay, maybe not, but she does kind of look pregnant. Right? There's might be more information in the original report, but, well, we don't speak Polish.

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So you be the judge:

If Alicja Bachleda-Curus is indeed pregnant by Colin Farrell, the child will be his second. Colin has a five-year-old son named Colin with Kim Bordenave.

The two met on the set of the movie Ondine and have been dating for seven months. Congratulations to the possibly expectant couple if this is true!

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haha thema...xD "good family"?? - read "people who haven't dreams, have money, go to church and do what everyone" than... I like more bad family...


"well, we don't speak Polish."
what a shame :P well, I speak Polish :P


Donno if it's his but I sure as hell would like to find out.


A source close to her family has confirmed that she is pregnant, but they NEVER confirmed that it was Colin's baby. Colin himself hasn't even come out to confirm ANYTHING.
That say's it all.


Allegedly, she's already 7 months pregnant (sic!). A source close to her family has kinda confirmed all the rumours.


I am polish and in polish media it is all around. ALICIA IS IN 7 MONTHS OF HER PREGRANCY WITH COLIN !!!!!!


I feel so sorry for Colin too. It's really sad if she is playing him like it seems she is. Walking around acting as though she wants ppl to see that she has Colin's baby when the truth is it's probably not his.


She is wonderfull diamend!Not for him!


I mean it's bullsh*t that it's even sure that the kid is his. i mean really, no one's said anything.I feel sorry for colin cause anyone with a brain can figure out that it's not sure that it's his kid you know.


there has been nothing legit to say that the baby alicja bachleda-curus is carrying is actually colin's. it could very well be her ex's or one of the guys she was sleeping with at the time she met colin.

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