Colin Farrell Maybe Knocks Up Alicja Bachleda-Curus

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Colin Farrell's girlfriend, Polish actress Alicja Bachleda-Curus, is rumored to be pregnant with his child. The look on her face below totally tells the story.

Okay, maybe not, but she does kind of look pregnant. Right? There's might be more information in the original report, but, well, we don't speak Polish.

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So you be the judge:

If Alicja Bachleda-Curus is indeed pregnant by Colin Farrell, the child will be his second. Colin has a five-year-old son named Colin with Kim Bordenave.

The two met on the set of the movie Ondine and have been dating for seven months. Congratulations to the possibly expectant couple if this is true!

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Wygladaja na bardzo szczesliwych , wiec Alicjo gratulacje! Wszyscy Ci , ktorzy krytykuja i oceniaja, robia to z zazdrosci :)i nie maja pojecia jak jest naprawde, jesli nawet jest to dziecko " z planu zdjeciowego " to co z tego! Alicja glupia nie jest , zdarza sie :)Zycze powodzenia ! Wygladacie bosko!Take care Alicja!


sometimes man can grow up if he find the right woman


stupid? if she's preggers, she'll get lots of child support, and more publicity. but to keep a man??? it never works. he's a man, his brain is in his


I wish Alicja all the best with the baby. Even if Collin screw this up there will be many men wanted to marry her. She is beatiful


Well she is stupid,as we polish people know that is typical for a polish woman keep a man and get as soon as possible a baby,


I heard that they're shopping for an apartment in krakow (alicja is from there) not every bad boy has to be bad for ever, some turn around, especially when they meet with polish women. she is smart, unlike some hollywood girls, they can actually be good for each other. he is very irish (still) and she is polish, lots in common. maybe at this point of his life, he is craving for home and stability. I wish them well! good luck guys! have lots of good looking babies!


she's gonna ruin her career for this jerk. her biggest film ever (Ondine) premieres next month and she'll be fat with his brat. and I bet she'll get dumped from The Absinthe Drinkers just as the cast gets interesting with John Hurt. Colin will dump her as soon as he finds his next victim. smart girl?


Ha ha ha, you are all f****ng jealous, you pigs!!! NOT YOUR F****NG BUSINESS AND GO BACK TO THE KITCHEN TO DO SOME WASHING UP!


Leave them two to it, its their business !
He wants it, she wants it - fine. If they both look super happy - even more fine ! Who cares whats their nationalities, backgrounds etc.
Gosh ...


and Alicja is stupid..
than what she think? than Collin will be with her all life? funny xD

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