Colin Farrell Maybe Knocks Up Alicja Bachleda-Curus

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Colin Farrell's girlfriend, Polish actress Alicja Bachleda-Curus, is rumored to be pregnant with his child. The look on her face below totally tells the story.

Okay, maybe not, but she does kind of look pregnant. Right? There's might be more information in the original report, but, well, we don't speak Polish.

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So you be the judge:

If Alicja Bachleda-Curus is indeed pregnant by Colin Farrell, the child will be his second. Colin has a five-year-old son named Colin with Kim Bordenave.

The two met on the set of the movie Ondine and have been dating for seven months. Congratulations to the possibly expectant couple if this is true!


Do you know what is the sadest? No matter what family she is from or background, money or fame issues. She is for herself. The girl is stupid, shallow and egoistic (and not ecofriendly :)) As somebody above noticed -world is already overpopulated but yet she make her self get pregnant. Which my dear is not that easy those days and you have to realy make it happen... She gonna bring to the world another baby. Baby whose future does not have set security, stability...The baby will be another screwed personality, split family, brought up by nannys, mumy obsessed with career wont have a time etc.. Why cant you just be together wihout bring in third inocent person to the world ? What is it with that dogs like baby production ? What for ?


It wont last. I mean I dont like him, but please, there is more to keeping a man's interest, and this is not the way. Alicjia or whatever the fuck your name is I dont care. That was the stupidest move a woman can ever make. Tis why men lose interest in women who care to give themselves so freely. It is going to be a mess for her because she will be stuck with the baby, but he will go out and party.


She's a ho that's all, like every girl she likes mmmmen (read mmoney) Anybody disagrees ? ===========================
Every block, every hood every ghetto got beef
Gotta heater on my lap and another in the back


i am polish too and i also know alicja, yes she is from very good famely, i mean she is from polish rich famely, she doeans`t achve anything herself apart from this baby, she is rich and now she is famous the easest way


First jealouse much. The things that people are saying about this is just unreal. If they are both expecting a child then so be it. Whats it to any body else. Colin is an adult and so is the girls he dates. Im sure things will work them selfs out what ever it may be. Yes i agree that relationships dont last with the famous how ever , who cares. Their people like you and i and theres other things in this world to worry about and get upset over. Fruit Cakes.


No kidding, but she has JAW like a HORSE! ;]
And it's obvious that she's caught him for FAME & MONEY, cause she's one f**ing
Besides, it's well known in PL that she came from very RAPACIOUS family...
Run Colin, run! (if it's not too late...)


ladygaga shut up!!in poland it is not like in uk that girls are sleeping with every bloke they met!!it is only uk with this tradition :)


and who is writing about how stupid she is of getting pregnant after 7 month of dating??in your country girls of 14 years old are doing so much worst things with guys that they met just few weeks before!!alicja is adult and she can do whatever she first think and then write,please!!!!


Stop talking about her like that ,cause perhaps he was an asshole,perhaps he changed ,we dont kno what happened with him ,so better be quiet and stop speaking about her. thank u

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