Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise, Random Loon, Claims to Be Mother of Michael Jackson's Children

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All the random lunatics are coming out of the woodwork.

While Mark Lester and Arnold Klein were actually was friends with Michael Jackson and donated sperm to him, granting at least some validity to rumors that they may be the biological father of his daughter Paris, some people are just bat$h!t crazy.

Exhibit A: Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise.

She has filed three guardianship petitions - one for each of MJ's three kids - claiming "I am the biological mother of Prince Michael Jackson II and his siblings."

So we're supposedly looking at the mother of Michael Jackson Jr., 12, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, 11, and Prince Michael Jackson II (Blanket), 7. Sure.

MOMMY? Clair Elisabeth Fields Cruise says she's Blanket's.

Somehow we doubt Blanket's mom is Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise. We all know it's Pia Bhatti. And this would also mean Debbie Rowe is not Paris' mother.

To bolster her case, Cruise claims she is married to Michael Jackson "who is now deceased" - hey, at least she got one fact correct in her legal declaration - but is currently "engaged to Prince Michael Jackson II's biological father."

Makes perfect sense to us.

Oh, and she also claims to be the mother of Connor Cruise. Yes, the adopted son of Tom. Wow, they have the same last name. It must be totally true!


Me Says: August 10th, 2009 2:54 PM thatsit: you're one stupid, crazy, piece of shit YOUR MOMMA! RAT ASS FACE!


this chick is messed up


Check her out at TMZ - she held a press conference about this.
Where the heck is her family. She needs help.


Is "ThatsIt" Bille Jean Jackson? :D


thatsit: you're one stupid, crazy, piece of shit


I believe this woman. I did not believe the others, but I believe this one. I, also, believe what she said about Connor Cruise being Michael Jackson's bio son with her. MJ was in Florida at the time, just like she said.
I don't believe she is just another crazy!


Michael's kids God Father: Mark Lester claims to be Paris Jacksons real DAD.
See the full interview on: http://news-and-stars.blogspot...


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