Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise Gives Possibly the Best Press Conference Ever

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Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise, the lovable nut job who claims to be the mother of Michael Jackson's children (and Connor Cruise), needs a psychiatrist ASAP.

Seriously, if you know this woman, go to her. She needs you.

But her depraved lunacy doesn't stop the press conference she gave yesterday from being oh-so-entertaining. After filing for guardianship of Blanket, Paris and Prince, Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise enlightened us with the following revelations:

  • Michael "has always known" he is the father of Connor Cruise, but was happy to give him up to Tom and Nicole Kidman for adoption because he did not like the color of his skin (nothing like making up stories and being racist).
  • Michael Jackson, Jr., a.k.a. Prince Michael I, and the oldest of the three children, was fathered by Cyril Raul, who "lives in France."
  • Paris Jackson's father is a man named Julian Bleacker, Claire's "unofficial college sweetheart." Sorry, Mark Lester. Tough break.
  • As for how the children were conceived, the nut job said "there is technology that is in existence" to remove the conceived children from her body and insert them into the bodies of the surrogates who gave birth to them.

Check out all this and more in the crazy video below ...

In case you're wondering how this wacko was granted a public forum, before Michael Jackson's will can be entered into probate and its instructions carried out, the law provides people excluded from the will the opportunity to object in court.

The court doesn't have to do anything about it, but they can (and will) be heard. Thus, we get to meet wannabe baby mamas like Cruise and Billie Jean Jackson.


I'm a big fan of Michael Jackson and I would never ever think of doing a stupid stunt like this Claire WACKO who would do anything for 15 minutes attention from the media. I do have a lot of respect for the Jackson's family. RIP Michael Jackson GOD BLESS


this is really really sensational many more will emerge to claim themselves as biological mums and dads? anyway her hair color match paris hair color...
now we have Claire Cruise and Billie Jean Jackson as moms,
and Mark Lester and Arnold Klein as Dads?
This is crazy.


Seriously enough is enough. I dont like to make fun of people that obviously have issues, which to me is quite evident she has more than a few, but does she really expect us to believe this?
Michael didnt want his own child b/c of the color of his skin? wow, may I ask where is her evidence of this and if she is the mother why did she give him up? To me you cant make claims without evidence b/c this could really mess up lives. That claim alone could be pretty damaging to Connor if he ever reads or see's this. I feel sorry for the Jackson children of course and I hope they wont be surrounded by too many people like this in their adult lives. I wonder if Michael knew that years later and after his death that there would be this many Billie Jeans?


They also have a technology called DNA testing. It's been around for years. The Jackson family prefers this circus to keep going? I feel sorry for the kids. They'll never know their true parents.


This woman knows a little more than the writer of this article. What she is talking about, as far as conceiving, is called GIFT.
It's where the egg is fertilized in the fallopian tube by the sperm in one woman; after a couple of days it is removed and placed inside of the surregote. It is not new! It's been around for years.


Where did this woman come from. Never heard of her, never seen her and WTF. Leave the poor man alone and his children for heavens sake. Why did'nt all this come forward before. Its a load of crap as far as I'm concerned. LEAVE THE KINDEST AND GENTILEST MAN TO REST IN PEACE so that his children and whole family can move on with their lives. Its bad enough that they have to deal with all the strange things that surrounded their beloved one let alone deal with another nut case.


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