Chris Brown: I Still Love Rihanna (and Don't Recall Pounding the Crap Out of Her)

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Yes, you read the headline right, and we're not lying. He said this. Both parts.

Fans and celebrity gossip readers everywhere were shocked to hear that R&B star Chris Brown pummeled girlfriend Rihanna senseless back in February.

Chris Brown was also shocked to learn this.

That is, if his first public comments on the situation since being given five years probation last week are to be believed in his softball Q&A with Larry King.

Flanked by mom Joyce Hawkins and attorney Mark Geragos during the interview, airing this week, Brown said he had no recollection of the bloody fight.

"No, I don't," Brown said, when asked whether he remembers savagely walloping his superstar ex-girlfriend. "It's like, it's crazy to me. I'm like, wow."

We're like, "wow," too right now. Another shocking quote? Chris Brown's revelation, in a new interview with People, that he's still in love with Rihanna.

"I never fell out of love with her," he said. "That just wouldn't go away." Unfortunately, that court order might make it go away - 100 yards away.

Other Chris Brown revelations from the two interviews:

  • "I was distraught ... I went to my mom on the same night and told [her] what happened and broke down." (on his reaction after the assault)
  • "I feel like he enjoyed it. He was an abuser. It was continuous." (on how his domestic abuse history differs from his abusive stepfather)

Here's a (very short) clip of Brown on Larry King Live ...


Provoked him? He beat her into unconsciousness. If she had provoked him, maybe he wouldve slapped her or pushed her but beating her until she blacks out is really extensive. Control issues or not. Accept it. he took it too far. I grew up in an abusive home and this sorry excuse for an explanation continues to prove chris brown is the woman-beating scum that I thought he was when I first heard this story.


The larry King show in my opinion full of crap, balling about he sorry but he cant remember the details of what happen. Then what u sorry for. whether are not she should not have search his phone or hit him first does not warrant him beating her like that. The beating he put on this girl aint have anything to do with self defence this is pure abuse,it show lack of or no tolerance,no man should ever put his hand on a woman or anyone for that matter unless your life is in danger,and this from all account is not the much time has pass since the incident and you cant remember what happen.I believe he only sorry he got caught and i also believe he had hit her before these things dont just happen.
If she was my sister trust me I would of put him in the hospital.
that one thing i know for care for the consequence.


i love chris brown, but i hate what he did to rihanna.
what he did was horrible but this is life. it happens everyday. no one deserves to be beaten up especially when they're physically weaker. but maybe she isnt all innocent. i love chris even though he did what he did. everybody makes mistakes, we all learn from them, and we dont do make them again, i doubt chris brown will ever make this mistake again and i think hes learnt his lesson.


i am focking diss agree with EasySay.
hitting him first should not causec him to retaliate with that sht.


I truly agree with EasySay he told her to get out of the car but she refused and starting hitting him first so he reacted.She had not right to go through his phone in the first place like I said control issues.

@ DannyBoo

He is such puke..he look like dennis Rodman...and will end up like him..None of them even have a brain..Chris brown is so dumb..the guy probably can only count cause of all the money he brings in from his psychopath fan base...which is nothing but trashy, uneducated people...those are the types that like him....He is old news...and one of the ugliest,saddest, troubeled people in shitty pop music r&b crap of today...what an uneducated loser..and please you idiots defending him..please dont say its are all trash yourself..Trash is attracted to trash....


I think everybody needs to chill the fuck out,I mean they are young and this new generation relationships are now all about controlling each other you people are doggin Chris when ya'll fail to understand that Rihanna had a part in this.But I'm not saying that she deserve that but she provoked him in some kind of way when you keep push a man he is bound to push back.I also understand wwhen he said that he dont remember that much of happend because you do tend to blackout when your really mad,and it takes a while for you to recall the incident that happend.Anyways I still Love him......Hate all you want it's LIFE..


For someone to feel weight makes a difference in who will win a fight, has not been in many fights. Bruce Lee was smaller than 90% of the people he fought, I couldn't beat him if he were alive, and I would bet every dollar that Bill Gates owns that you wouldn't last 60 seconds with him. Who ever coached Chris Brown either did a horrible job, or is pissed because he didn't listen. Also I have a son, he has been instructed, if a girl hits you, walk away and forget she ever existed, because if she feels comfortable with that it will only escalate. If after walking away quietly and she continues to hit you, she has stepped into the roll of a man and you are free to defend yourself.


Chris Brown is a coward and a piece of shit. He's gotta have at least 60lbs on Rihanna! Even professional fighters aren't allowed to fight someone so much smaller than them. It's deemed "unsportsmanlike". Chris is the kinda bitch that would hit a woman,but, run from a fight with a man. I would love to see him get the everliving shit beat out of him by a man. His father didn't abuse him nearly enough! If I ever see this dumbfuck in the streets; I'm gonna beat his ass! Ri didnt have a chance in hell of hurting him, but, I do.


I agree with Callie. Brown's statements are a pitiful load of crap. He must be one of the dumbest guys on the planet. Nobody with a spark of intelligence would believe his ridiculous story. This doesn't even qualify as a 'nice try'. He, his mother, and his lawyer are fools on a fool's errand.


What a crock of shit! He can't remember anything, but he went to his mother the same night and broke down? And what about the widely reported previous violent incidents? He might start garnering some respect if he was man enought to admit it and apologize instead of dressing up like Mr. Rogers, going on a talk show with his LAWYER (WTF??) and spouting this bullshit.

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