Brooklyn Decker Does GQ

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When Andy Roddick lost the Wimbledon final to Roger Federer, we died a little inside. Then we remembered he is married to Brooklyn Decker and we got over it.

Mrs. Roddick, 21, a Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition staple, has lent her amazing looks to a different men's magazine this time, posing in the near-buff for GQ.

Needless to say, GQ should be grateful for the loaner model ...

Brooklyn Picture

B-Deck, who recently guest starred on Royal Pains, tied the knot with the tennis pro in April. We hope A-Rodd makes a run at the U.S. Open title starting August 31.

Mostly so we can see lots of Brooklyn on TV, but also because he's a cool guy.

Click to enlarge more Brooklyn Decker pictures from GQ ...

Topless Brooklyn Decker Pic
Brooklyn in GQ Magazine

Wellcome home, Andy. I'm so wet, please come here and comfort me!!!


One article says she blush...umhhh. oh yeah shy, innocent. Woe to man who believe the story. LOL


Sadly, SI and GQ is making it look like porn magazine. Models pose dewy eyes, lips slightly open or pursed (what does it suggest), fingers cup the b..... underwear pull them to the hariline revealing the P.... Its a man's magazine!!!


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A beautiful Sports Illustrated model, Brooklyn Decker not only has a cool first name (a lot cooler than "New York" a.k.a. Tiffany... More »
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