Brooke Hogan Hates on Heidi Montag, Cassie's Ugly Vagina

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As an untalented singer, Brooke Hogan is trying to build a career on two things:

  1. Her famous last name;
  2. Her large breasts.

So far, so not very good.

That's why Brooke is looking to expand her repertoire and step into a few celebrity feuds in order to remain relevant.

For instance, during an interview on Sirius radio this week, she laid into Heidi Montag, Beyonce and Cassie nude photos. Here are excerpts from it:

On Heidi Montag: "I don't like Heidi Montag. I made a diss record on her."

On Beyonce: "She needs to go and make some babies and chill."

On Cassie's naked picture scandal: "Don't show it if it's not right. It's all stretched out."

Totally Untalented



Dont be mad @ BROOKE she was just keeping it real Beyonce is going Micheal Jackson b4 our eyes minus the rape charges & is over rated & who the fuck is she other than a hungry tiger?!?!? as 4 Cassies vajayjay yeeeah it looks like a 40 year old porn starz & itz true that if u have a nice 1 feel free to show it if not keep that bull shit to urself!!!!


@Rosemary-Freedom of speech means you can say what you want to, not that nobody has the right to judge you for it. I haven't heard any talk of banning celebrities from admitting they dislike each other.


Brooke Hogan is like transgender barbie. She needs to lay off those steroids. Does anyone even watch her show. I tried to watch it onve but not even 5 minutes in I felt like slapping her ignorant man face. I can't believe she actually has fans. Who wants to watch that brut try to sing? Funny!


wtf brooke is so much betta!


you are such a fake blonde,fake boobs, you look like a man . at least beyonce and cassie at least they have natural beauty without having to gounder the knife. you are such a hater you will never be on beyonce level anyway. oh yeah one more thing go get a fake ass cause you don't have one!!!!!!!!


now if my responce bothers any of you KISS MY ASS!! i'm in my legal rights as an american citizen so is brooke to say whatever we want about anybody until congress passes a bill banning people including celebs from talking and expressing their feelings and opinions about certain aspects in their lives both professionaly, and personally then you all have no right to criticize her for her feelings and her opinions on beyonce, or any other celebrity she choose's to talk about.


i don't see what the big fucking deal is........ celebrities are known for not liking each other, but brooke who isn't on a level like beyonce or other singers say's something negative if you can call what she said negative, people want to get pissed and damn near want to start world world 3 because she said beyonce should stop singing and make babies? NEWS FLASH PEOPLE WE LIVE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WE HAVE A LITTLE THING CALLED ''FREEDOM OF SPEECH'' which means we have the power to say and do what ever the fuck we want and that includes celebrities regardless of how they attained their sucess....


Yes get rid of Beyonce so we can have more talented people like Brooke Hogan. She's such an amazing talent reply


Who in the right mind can have a bad thing to say about Beyonce? On the other hand, lots of people have bad things to say about Heidi Montag, me being one of them.


As does Hulk, BROOKE RULES!!


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I thought we were one of the normal Hollywood families. It's crazy watching it all fall apart, but I hope for the best.

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